benefits of short hair

this post is aimed primarily at the ladies, who would like to chop off their long hairs, but are considering the pros and cons. :-P on sunday morning i walked down to easy cuts and got my hair cut. as it is, it wasn’t that was like collar length. but i like my hair short. one of my friends said that i got the justin bieber hair cut, re! hahahahhahah. but on a serious note here are the pros of short hair. by short i mean, like SHORT like justin bieber ok. the pixie cut, that’s what i got.

  1. DONATE you hair to a cancer patient. If you have six inches of hair that is in healthy condition, consider donating it to a cancer society that makes wigs for patients. Feel good about cutting your hair coz it will make someone else smile.
  2. You can SAVE WATER esp. in Kathmandu. I can wash my hair, including shampoo, in like six mugs of water now or even less! WOW! very attractive reason.
  3. SAVE TIME, no need to comb your hair at all. rough and tough look is sooo in.
  4. No electricity, no worries. Don’t need to hair dry…esp in winter. i actually don’t use a hair dryer..this is for those of u who do.
  5. Less dirty hair since there is less amount of hair..hahahaha…when my hair was long it got so knotted up that my comb broke. :-(
  6. SAVE MONEY, no need to buy rubber bands and hair clips…esp if you tend to lose a dozen a month, like me…and keep buying and buying and wondering where you kept them in the first place. Also, your bottle of shampoo will last double or triple the amount if you have short hair.
  7. Wear funky hats and hairbands…hahahahahha…i think they go well with short hair..hahahaha…
  8. hmmm….well these are enough reasons.
One (insignificant) con:
  1. The khalasi or some micro bus passenger might mistake you for a bhai or uncle esp if you are dressed in jeans and loose t-shirt. :-P (that has happened to me when i had short hair in the past….i made sure that it wasn’t that short this time..)

2 thoughts on “benefits of short hair

  1. benefits of long hair:

    1. don’t need to wash too often, coz it’s long.
    2. doesn’t get noticeably dirty, coz it’s sooooo long.
    3. save water, (see 1)
    4. Fabio has long hair.
    5. Save double the time, no shower, no drying.
    6. people mistake you for a girl, get free drinks…hahahaha…

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