i spent the entire afternoon at KUart today. in between conversations on arts and physics, we sipped tea and i gazed into the landscape stretched before me.

january 2009: that was the first time i had visited KUart. i was in my fourth year in college. i remember sujan dai pointing out a house to me. a house that he liked; the design of it. i asked him where the house was today because i couldn’t find it. well, more than a dozen new houses have propped up behind the KUart complex now, that the beautiful house can barely be spotted. we talked of dreams and of recurring dreams and of remembering dreams. we talked of clouds, of stars…i didn’t know that some of stars we’re seeing are some billion years old…their light reached the earth only then. they may not be there tomorrow. we talked of light and of time..of dimensions and electromagnetic waves…

i walked back home looking at the clouds and admiring them. really, the clouds in kathmandu are something. then rewinding the afternoon’s conversation, i felt small looking at the clouds. i am a dot in kathmandu…i am probably a trillionth of a fraction of a speck in the universe and even smaller than that. ah, the purpose of my existence…what is it?

after a very long time (years), i made a self-portrait today….


4 thoughts on “clouds

      • anything can be coupled with art…for me, it’s about the thought process and how the subject is being portrayed and conveyed. well, i am working on a series in which i am trying to bring together poetry and’s very challenging..hahahaha…not much of a poet..but i do scribble now and then…i thought i’d illustrate them through drawings…not literally but in some way…still trying to find that balance. but yes, artist maia ruth lee had a show last year in kathmandu which was wonderful…they were drawings and poems and thoughts from her journal…there’s nancy spero, whom i admire, who did the Artaud Paintings and the Codex Artaud series based on poems by from Antonin Artaud….the play between text and images is something i find very interesting.

  1. Yup, the marriage between poetry and art can be interesting. That is also something that I was looking into. Last month, VENT did a poetry special and I was thinking it’d be great if we could collaborate with artists and get them to paint, as it were, their thoughts about that particular piece of poetry. And maybe then curate them online and whatnot. Would you be interested? You can find the entire poetic conversation here:

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