caught in the rain

haven’t been writing in the past few days because i have a nasty runny nose and feel groggy for most part of the day.

on wednesday evening i had an encounter with the heavy rain along Singhadurbar…argh. i did have an umbrella but the rain was so fierce and with the heavy winds combined, my poor umbrella would have probably broken down any minute. all the bikers had stopped to take refuge under the scanty trees…they were mostly trees that were drooping out of the supreme court walls..hahaha…and for a bit I did that too. :-)

By the time I was at the center of that long stretch towards bhadrakali, the rain had mellowed down a little bit. i raised the volume of the music and decided to enjoy the little windy rain. and for that i landed up with a cold. and well, to add on to that i also got wet yesterday.

i was on a bike, getting dropped off home, when the rain came charging towards us. wooohooo!!!….at hadigaun we watched as the rain poured to our left and to our right, the road was barely wet. really, where else would you be chased by rain in the world? i love it though when that happens. it’s like a race against the rain…pani ayo, pani ayo..bhandai bhagdai…hahahaha. it’s fun as long as it doesn’t catch up to you…but well, in most cases the rain always wins.

ugh..colds are bad. anyways, i did manage to order my screens today. decided to go for a 100 mesh count. let’s see. it’ll be ready for pick up next week. thanks to sunil dai, or else i would have been lost in the many many many printing shops at bag bazaar. got to see some folks printing too and looked at their set ups. excitingggg!


2 thoughts on “caught in the rain

  1. naah. i have get the lights. am getting tube lights but they need to be UV ray ones re…am confused. i thought i could use regular tube lights…yes..exposing in the sun is tough. it seems to be easier with 5-star (the red thing)…when using the sun. and then using the light box when you use chromo.

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