‘heavenly’ pineapple fried rice

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not my recipes. here’s where i got them from:

heavenly pineapple fried rice

i love this dish. little bit sweet and little bit spicy. yum! i omitted the cashew nuts and didn’t put them because they were so so so expensive man. well, they were only selling this big packets and it was so annoying. for a handful of nuts, i didn’t want to buy all of it. i used fresh peas and canned pineapple. fish sauce and meat masala for curry powder. also didn’t use shrimp/prawns. but it was ‘heavenly’ like the recipe says. can’t have enough of this. oh yes, i didn’t leave the rice overnight, but prepared it early in the morning, to cook it in the evening.

spicy chicken feet

well, i also love this dish but it didn’t turn out to be that spicy. it was mild and that was good in a way because bajai can’t eat too spicy or too salty or too sugary. didn’t put in black beans although i would like to try it next time. also just used regular sugar, not brown sugar.

cooked these last night for a family dinner since it was father’s day. and we have so much left over. well, i didn’t estimate properly for 8 people and so didn’t my sister. she got like 10 pieces of naan and well you know they cut each one into three pieces. she didn’t calculate that..forgot to, actually. and now we have a second round of the dinner for lunch today. :-)

was trying to get all fancy with the pictures. hahahahah


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