blue skirt

i thought i had forgotten something when i left home this morning. i usually forget something important and come back running upstairs while i see the micro pass by our gate….and scream: aaaaaaaa….micro gayo. there i am late again. i was on my way to the hospital to get my ligament tear checked for the nth time. i got on the bus and found a seat. i was still thinking and then realized that i had forgotten to brush my teeth. thank goodness, i wasn’t going to the dentist. well, everything’s fine except for my nerve. hahaha.

so i ordered my art supplies at harilo today since i can’t find them in the area. have to wait some two to three weeks for the stuff to get here!

anyways, i was thinking that it was high time i wrote about the many skirts i own, since i said that before…well inherited skirts. i found a maroon one recently but this is one of the blue skirts i have.

calf length, high waist, don’t know what material, zipper in the back. each of the skirts i have, have sth unique in their designs although they look similar from far. what i love about this one is the buckle in the front part. like a neat accessory. i don’t use accessories like necklaces and bangles, earrings…etc etc…because i am allergic to stuff that goes around my neck and ear studs, etc. etc.

obsession at durbar marg, which reopened recently, has some gorgeous calf length skirts and for gorgeous prices i.e. affordable, coz they’re silk skirts.

hmmm…what else. the blouse is beige in color, also vintage. it has two strings..ribbons???…(what do you call them?) hahahahhaa…well they come around from the back of the collar and you can tie them in front or leave them like that. kind lawyerly…hahaha… and the shoes…actually, i’ve never worn them in the streets. they were a gift from my cousin sister. they are nice but painful to wear and well, i don’t really wear heels, and these are heels for me….i am the chappal kind. i just put them on for the picture hahahahah. photo take by my cousin sister nilu on the roof of our house.


4 thoughts on “blue skirt

  1. Kanchan! I just started reading your blog and I like it a lot! I’m definitely adding it to my list. I have one for fun too. Also this skirt is really great.
    -Amanda H

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