kukur dekhi savadhan :-)

he’s the one, along with a few others, at babar mahal. he hangs around nepal art council, to be precise, the chiya pasals lined up to the left of the sad looking gray building.

if you’re sipping tea in the area and sitting outside, he’ll come straight to you, look you into your eyes and then elegantly lift a paw and place it on your leg. AAAAWWWWWW…well, don’t be fooled, he’s a very clever dog.

still, i’ve been convinced twice by him to buy him some biskuts. but dude, this dog is fat or healthy for a street dog. like that dog in front of china town too. so healthy. seriously, that was the first thing i’d noticed when i went to china town. kasto moto kukur. it’s good, to see healthy street dogs, but very surprising too. this one was a little obese nai kya.

my friend, sagar, can act as a witness to this dog’s cleverness to give EMO looks that say: “dude, you are so selfish…eating all on your own…can’t you give this poor hungry dog sth to eat?” the rest of the dogs in the area are least bothered and are taking their evening naps, but this one he’s active and always ready to eat.

so we were there for our second tea of the afternoon. we got there right when the galleries closed. hahaha. and so couldn’t look at the exhibition, this was on friday and when there was all that protest and i’d walked to pulchowk to look at the ASA exhibition. so my friend’s a vegetarian and so we pick one veg wai wai and one chicken wai wai, for him and for me. ‘didi piro na halidinus hai,’ i tell the didi at the counter several times, including the phucche bhai.

by the time our wai wais come, doggy has finished half packet of coconut biskuts which sagar felt compelled to buy, given the former’s persistent look and pawing techniques.

wai wais arrive and we ask the kid as he puts the bowls on the table, “kun chai ho veg?”

he says, “dubai misaidyo.”

hahahahahhaha hahahahhahahaha…..we can’t stop laughing for a bit. hahahahahhaha…yep, that was mixed veg wai wai. hahahaha

and as far as the piro part goes. we think the cook didn’t put in the dhulo khursani but instead chopped in a few green chillies and pour them into the soup. all for our special requests!!!

but the day ended with the MF Husain show at Siddhartha art gallery. more than husain being the limelight, i was happier that the show was of prints and that too of SCREEN PRINTS! and they also put up a description of screen printing and how it’s done at the gallery. i am hoping that this is help people to learn about the medium.

here’s one more picture for you. i took these, not last friday, but some time before…he’d managed to get a packet of biscuits from me then too.




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