watching cham chammi and new drawing.

before proceeding on to my drawing, i would like to take this moment to sincerely request the hostess/vj of cham chami on ntv to not shout into the microphone. please. actually i can decrease the volume of the tv, so it doesn’t make any difference if you yell into the mic with excitement.  and the mic is there for you, so that you need not shout. its purpose is to amplify your voice, no? and i would prefer not to exercise my fingers (using the remote) ever so often while i want to relax and watch some nepali folks audition for the reality show.

is there a severe shortage of danceable nepali songs or what? every week, it’s the same songs that repeat on the show. and you know, whoever danced to ‘baby, baby, baby ohhhh…’ justin bhai ko gana…dude, they were IN myan. automatically select hune geet jasto. well, at least it was very popular in the first rounds…from mahendranagar to pokhara…justin ruled….anyways, yeah…same same songs all the time. that sani sani song. and euta manche cha mero mann ma…sth sth sth…hmm..can’t remember the songs now…

my favorite judge comment is: tapai ko eye contact down bhayo. hmmm….okay. tapai ko liquid dherai bho…tapai ko how bhau bhayena….thik cha…tapaile kollywood ra contemporary mix garnu bhako cha, ramro cha. what is the kollywood style, again? tapaile le sari lai skirt banaidinu bho…but seriously, this girl’s phariya was like a mini phariya.

anyways, it’s fun to watch. i usually watch with bajai and her comments are nice to listen to as well. :-)

so here’s the drawing:

i started the drawing while i was in the car yesterday. long story short, our whole family had gone to lunch at a relative’s place in gokarna. after lunch we went out on a ‘drive’. the pitch nagareko roads were bad with the monsoon rain, so the gear box of ama’s car stopped working after it hit a bump. so the car was stuck in gear one. while half the family went back in the other gadi and half walked in the torrential rain, i was the lone kuruwa in the car at a poultry farm. and it started to rain so heavily…it rained for hours. finally got a mechanic but he couldn’t fix it. so the gear was pushed to one with over an hour of fiddling. six men pushed the car to turn it around. it was stuck at the end of a slope. and slowly we reached a workshop at boudha. it was nearly 8 pm when we got home.

i always (mostly) have my sketch pad with me and a pen. so i started the outlines while i was in the car….eventually, i dozed off. i completed the drawing at home and used rotring ink to fill it in. i was thinking of this line when i drew it:

you tore through the layers of me


found me lost

i think i made it too dark, on the whole. the lighter parts were meant to be lighter…but i was painting in the dark last night and i over did some parts. the dimensions of the drawing are approximately 10 inches by 6 inches. i’d like to screen print this, but it’s going to be tough to separate so many layers. i’ll have to experiment.


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