random guy to me: ‘silver halnus, ramro huncha’…

its almost 8 pm. my friend and i are returning from an evening at boudha. we’re in the micro at chabel and we start talking about the latest hot topic in my life: ‘ROOT CANAL TREATMENT’ (RCT). well, good thing that this friend of mine has had THREE!!! well, it’s not good, but i mean that i felt better since i am getting my first one. and it starts tomorrow. dreading it. am borrowing a picture from the internet…it looks so creepy.

so we’re talking about her root canal experience and i asked her whether i should get the natural colored cap or crown or a silver one. she has the natural colored one and it looks like you never had a rotten tooth :-P hahahahhaha. and my ama has a silver one. no, not gold. it’s very unique..a silver tooth..well, it’s not silver silver…hahaha …so i thought i should make up my mind well ahead before the doctor asks me while i’m lying on the long chair…what do they call those anyways?

well, i’ll ask the doctor tomorrow.

there’s this guy sitting in front of us…like we’re in the front row of the micro, so he’s sitting facing us..u know. my friend and i are talking about silver vs natural color and this dude randomly says, ‘silver halnus, ramro huncha….’ WHATT??? i was like laughing my head off…and since i was in a funny mood i asked him why.

he replies, ‘ma yestai dental ma kaam garchu…silver halnus..ramro huncha’.  (get the silver tooth, it’s good)

i ask him again, ‘kina?’ (why?)

he says, ‘pachi gayera baliyo huncha.’ (it’s gets stronger later)

hmmm…how would the fake tooth get stronger, i wonder…

it was so hilarious. and i had this really nagging question in my head about the silver crown and since this dude was from a dental place…or said so…i popped the question to him:

and i am laughing so hard when i say this, “tyo bank ma gayo bhane, metal detector le chyar chyarr garda, silver daat bajcha?” (if i go to the bank, will the metal detectors detect my tooth?”)

hahahhahahah…. I think i pissed him…hahahha…or well, he didn’t know the answer. He stopped talking to us. hahahaha…by then we were nearing Chappal karkhana, that’s where i was getting off.

since the khalasai dai decided to sit on the roof i told the driver dai to stop at chappal karkhana and he replies, ‘chappal karkhana…jutta karkhana…sabai tira rokidinchu..’ hahahahha…i am laughing even more..there’s no chappal karkhana there anymore. and my friend adds, ‘basundhara ma ni dhara chaina…kina basundhara bhanya hola?’ and that’s her bus stop.


One thought on “random guy to me: ‘silver halnus, ramro huncha’…

  1. I put my crown last month after they dug a deep hole in my tooth. I was going with the porcelain one and the doc jokingly goes – “सुनको हाल्यो भने त स्वर्ग जान पाइन्छ नि पछि।”. I thought of all the सेठजिs in Biratnagar when I used to live there as a kid: their teeth-bling shining in its glory.
    I just laughed out loud.
    Anyway, the doc asked me to bite on a cushy piece of rubbery stuff after he would ‘fit’ the crown. “बेस्कन टोक है?”
    I: “कति बेस्सरि?”
    Doc: “एकदम सारो टोक्ने क्या!”
    I: “हुन्छ।”
    Then with my crown tucked in place, I bit like I had never bitten before. Maybe I bit a bit too hard, a light crumbling sound came from within my mouth – the sound didn’t sound so good. I questioningly look up at the doc’s face. He has the look of a restaurant waiter who instead of uncorking the wine with finesse, messed up, and is solely responsible for the cork now swimming inside the bottle with a party of 5 looking on.
    Doc: “धेत्तेरिका!”.
    Now when a dentist says “धेत्तेरिका!”, it really doesn’t bide well for any parties concerned. I think I may have cried a bit: “सुँक सुँक!”
    The source, of course, was this brand new crown. He looks annoyed by now.
    Doc: “कस्तो बेस्सरि टोकेको!!”
    I cry some more.

    Anyway, I’m getting a free replacement on Thursday. And good luck to you :)

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