oi pakku, pakku oi

i have some of my paintings lying around in my studio…that have been taken off of their stretchers i.e. the wooden frame. I had to bring them home after finishing college and in order to fit them in my suitcase i had to take them off. i haven’t put them back on stretchers though and they just hang around in the room.

some of the strings were coming loose from the cloth’s edges and pakku decided to munch on them. where would you get a dog like him? i had this woolen hat that eventually became his toy. he tore it apart and the thread started running and guess what? he tried to gobble it down. the damn thread!!! after a bit he started choking on the wool, so ritu had to pull it out of his mouth. and well, he’d gotten quite a length of it in his throat already.

there’s never been an uneventful day, since pakku came into our lives. here’s are some photos of him munching on my canvas strings. he also dozed off with the strings in his mouth for a bit…he’s sleeping at my foot, under the table, right now.

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