kathmandu valley

i’ve been indoors all day. have been drawing since i woke up at 7:30 am and then took a tv break in between. and was back to drawing. i just stepped out of my studio and kathmandu’s looking very pretty.

not referring to the buildings but to the clouds that are overshadowing the Valley as i write this. the sky looks like a beautiful sumi-e painting. the dark clouds blur into each other’s shades and they look like someone spilled a whole bottle of black chelpark ink onto a wet sheet on paper…and the ink’s spread in splotches and patches, revealing all the colors hidden within the watery black color. remember when your homework got wet? the ink lost its darkness to become a brown…i love that color.

brown, for some reason, has always been my favorite color.

and it looks like its raining heavily on the shivapuri side. one day, i won’t be able to see the hills from our terrace. they’ve started digging the plotted land right in front of our home. smack right in front of my nose. i am hoping that they will build single unit houses and not tall apartments. i am seriously hoping for that because i love the view from our home.



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