back to cutting squares and wearing bandages

i’ve got way too many photographs printed of wires of this city. they go back to 2009, when i would carry my camera everywhere and take pictures of crazy, wild and some beautifully aligned electrical wires. not knowing what to do next, i printed out the photographs. some 200 pictures. printed them at digiplus and had the stacks of photographs in my drawer for the next few months. finally, took them out and started making collages, by cutting them into small squares.

it started out with bigger squares…2 by 2 centimeters. i wanted to be so precise that i bought a blade and a cutting board. and yeah, i ended up with some major backaches because on my second attempt i tried to cut the squares into 1 by 1 centimeter..hahahaha. i would sit down for long hours when i did sit down at it.

i gave that up…like trying to be precise. so now i just use a pair of scissors to cut the photographs and the pieces aren’t accurate and i like them being non-accurate in a way…and i do the collage standing up instead of sitting at the table. well, i tape the sheet of lokta on my wall. it’s much easier because it doesn’t take up space on my table and it can be up on the wall even after it’s done. it’s much easier to step and analyse the collage as well. you need to step back every now and then, to know where you’re heading.

the sizes of my collages are getting bigger. i started out some 8 by 8 inches…and then am going up to bigger squares. there’s sth about squares and me, eh?

it’s a collage of small squares on a bigger sheet of square paper. square is a uniform shape…like u know, neat, perfect, the base of mandalas…what’s in the squares and what makes up the big square are untidy, chaotic wires that run across, through and spiral everywhere. of course, it can be interpreted in your own ways. for me, it’s how i feel about this city.

i started a new one the day before. will post updates once it is complete.

and about wearing bandages well…had been driving around recently to get to the many wedding parties. didn’t do too good for my leg and i am back to bandages on the damn ligament tear. someone who broke his leg told me, ‘dukhirakcha hai? tyestai ho..mero pani.’

so am living with that and getting used to it.


4 thoughts on “back to cutting squares and wearing bandages

  1. Would love to see them collages in pictures. have u finished yet?

    I just stumbled upon your blog form instantlynoodle’s and love it. And one thing, to subscribe to ur blog via rss, i have to look all over the page. Finally found it at the bottom of the page, letting out a big Sigh.

    Will be reading more.

    • thanks for reading! i do have completed collages (ones i made before) but haven’t finished this one yet…will definitely post pictures once it is complete. :-)

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