rumble ramble party ‘palaces’

one toilet paper down, second roll started…three wedding parties down, two more to go…

no, not an upset tummy…a really really really clogged/runny nose, interjected by occasional coughing. and well, it’s rainy too..the weather. arrggh. my voice is all different…nasally and u know, how it sounds so not yourself when you have a bad cold that you don’t feel like talking…anyways, am recovering..feeling drugged too, though. but i have so much to do today that i can’t afford to spend another day in bed.

actually, i haven’t been resting at all. one of the college friend’s got married yesterday. *sigh* it was a rather sweet wedding..seriously, not saying ‘sweet’ for the lack of a better word, but it just felt that way. hahaha. yeah…hindu weddings and ‘sweet’ don’t really go well, on second thoughts..but it was sweet….and yes, adding to that i had friends from college at the wedding, friend’s i’d met after two years and some more. friends who’d come back home after a gap five and six years..well, the groom was back in nepal was six years himself. i guess it’s a different wedding when you know both the groom and the bride. the bride was my roommate in college.

so the groom’s party is today. if you attend at least five weddings per wedding season, you’re likely to know all the ‘party palaces’ in that area. like in basundhara, i attended two parties in the area…and to find them, we read the names of all the party palaces in that line of ring road and they are so so so many.

at one such party, we discussed about the ‘palace’ in the ‘party palace’. maybe coz it has a big hall…maybe it’s coz of the throne like chairs on the STAGE…coz of the chandelier…and so on and so forth. well the throne like chairs are worse than the sofa sets. coz they are so kacchi..and the part where you rest your back in like a thin sheet of plywood, which sometimes isn’t even properly nailed.

my friend couldn’t even rest on it during her engagement because it would swivel out of place…and so, while keeping her smile in tact for all the long photo shoots, she also had to keep her back straight. hmmm..good thing, they’d ditched the  ‘throne’ seats yesterday and decided to stick to the much more sturdy and comfortably cushioned sofas. there’s a lot of sitting involved, so you might as well go for comfort that the throne look alike seats..that actually aren’t even pretty.

any thoughts on why ‘palaces?’



4 thoughts on “rumble ramble party ‘palaces’

  1. for the almost-unassuming art of alliteration?
    actually, one of my friends little ‘phoren’ bro had once in an all-too-assuming manner thought that party palaces were nepali version of strip clubs. ‘sadabahar’ party palace or ‘raani’ party palace (royalty or tackiness is up in the air here) i think made him inquisitively raise his eyebrows.

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