trying to get the going to go

when it comes to my procrastination…let me tell you, sometimes they extend over such long periods of time that it’s best to quit the concerned activity/project or whatever…like that letter that i wrote months back but haven’t gotten around to posting it yet.


so i am in the midst of setting up my studio at home. yep, FINALLY, for crying out loud to myself.

i rented a room last year at the house one house behind ours…gosh, it was an epic failure. it was so hard to get myself to get up and go over. well actually, it wasn’t a total waste because i did get work done..but not artwork done. i archived and packed my drawings and prints and paintings in self-made portfolio bags…yellow chart paper and plastic sheets that i bought in new road…and lots of.. tape….masking tape, regular tape, artist’s tape.

the best part of my museum internship in college…i learnt to pack artworks in huge boxes. i cut the foam myself and glued them and packed the works with great care and attention…once again, using tapes of all kinds. marking and making condition reports. sounds cool, eh? hahaha

anyways, i also measured every single drawing and recorded it on the cover of the portfolio that contained the drawing/print/painting.  it was such a tedious job but when i look at them now, i feel pleased over the fact that my works are safely packed. i have no money to make a good drawer to keep my drawings in…:-(. one day, i will have nice drawers to store my works in. maybe, i should start saving for it now. however, i will probably procrastinate on that one too..

i have to kick start my project soon. this time i will force myself to go to my studio every day. my studio is on the terrace…and i live on the first floor…

…excuse me, i’ve been summoned downstairs…i.e. the ground floor.

so, i’m back and i thought i should announce that i just received a winnie the pooh white hand bag. hmmmm…:-P

our house has two floors. yet i lack motivation on some days to even go downstairs or upstairs. either i’m in the kitchen or in my room…mostly in the kitchen where i sit around at the dining table. to motivate myself i shifted my study table upstairs to my studio too..not that i sit and study at the table. more than that, it’s always cluttered with things that i didn’t put away after using…sometimes it takes weeks to put stuff away…and i use the table if i need to use the typewriter, which always stays next to my bed.

so i shifted the table upstairs not because i use it, but because i store things in the drawers that i need every now and then. and now, i’ll have to upstairs to get the stuff..

today i was going up and down a lot. actually everyone in the house was because i was setting up my studio and my cousin was setting up her room and the others were helping around. and well, pakku was all over the place he was really really really extremely hyper. he tore a UFO plastic shopping bag and a cardboard shoe box cover of mine…into many many bits and pieces and was later chewing on tissue paper.

he’s such a weird dog and he’s always the topic of talk at home. ALWAYS. someone is always chasing him coz he tried to eat the fruit/meat/milk/biscuit/sel roti/pau roti…the other day, my ama’s breakfast went missing in a matter of seconds. she’d put her breakfast on the table and left the kitchen for a bit…by the time she came back, it was gone.

someone is always talking to him absentmindedly. someone is always yelling at him. someone is always patting him…well, he’s always going after folks in the house for food and pats. he won’t stay alone for a minute and he won’t stay still for a minute (unless he’s sleeping).

what i am trying to get going is screen printing in my studio. and am happy that i’ve just finished laying the basic foundation..i.e. a room to work in.


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