vintage loves I

“please tell your mom to adopt me”…that is probably my friend’s favorite line in reaction to the vintage skirts i own…well, technically they belonged to my ama and sanuama when they were growing up in Singapore. i am lucky, very lucky, i’d like to say because i have some really cool clothes that were stored away in boxes at home…. and well, my cousin isn’t really interested in them, so i get to keep almost ALL of them! how fabulous is that? this is my big inheritance.

as a teenager i never fancied the long calf-length high-waist skirts which i used to pull out of old suitcases for once a year ‘airing’ activity! c’mon…who’d want to wear them!! well, now years later, i’ve grown to like them and i am so glad that they fit me. seriously, i’m a slim person but my ama and sanuama were even more slim…coz this particular gray skirt had been sewn to make the waist smaller. i had to undo the sewing and then it fit me. hahaha.

the skirt belonged to my sanuama. ama had safely kept the scarf and gave it to me two years back. The belt, i found it in one of the old boxes many years back but i only started wearing it two years back.

i absolutely love wearing skirts. skirts that don’t constrict my movement and skirts that i can wear while traveling in a micro bus. these ones go below my knees and i’m comfortable to sit and walk around in them. i have other skirts too (which i’ll post up later), but this is the only woolen one and with buttons running down in the front. i actually don’t know if this is the back or the front. hahahaha…i just wear the buttoned up part to the front.

they are all from the 70s.

here’s a detail:

so i am thinking of blogging in series about the vintage clothes i have. so watch out for more :-).


4 thoughts on “vintage loves I

  1. I also love the vintage clothes, but in my opinion the vintage clothes not only mean the old things but also need add some fashionable element to them. So I always make the vintage clothes have a little change.

  2. I am so glad that you are making good use of our vinage clothes. Am curious to see what pops up next. The grey skirt … do you know what….the then Crown Prince Dipendra once wore this skirt (and a white frilly top too) for a Nepali drama!! So, this skirt is not only a vintage one but a historic one.

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