phone in the hilo

it had been a while i had shopped. i.e. bought clothes or even been window shopping since i no longer work around sundhara. now if you work around new road area, you are just bound to buy sth or the other (That you DON’T need) every other week or so. durbarmarg is like 10 minutes away in a tempo and then u got all those malls…anyways, the point is that i’d been out of all this for some months since i left my job.

so i went shopping at one of those pasals in bhatbhateni. i’d been eyeing this pair of pants on the mannequin for some time but never had the time to go. well, guess what..they were having a sale. i bought two jackets (winter ones….don’t ask me why…just cause it was on sale hola) and then the pants.

i was happy with my purchases and then went over to the micro bus stop and that’s when it happened. i had just hung up my phone. low and behold, my nokia music xpress slipped off of my hand and bounced on the concrete pavement and landed on the HILO in front!!! oh myan oh myan oh myan.

my reflex action: while some passersby were looking at me and to see what i’d do, i put my hand into the hilo and picked up my phone. it was still on and working. PHEW! thanks to my nose allergies, i always carry tissue and so i took out some and wiped the hilo off. turned off the phone and then started smiling to myself…that was such a silly few seconds…hahahahahha…

i was still waiting for a micro then…so i turned on the phone and took some pictures of the LANDING AREA. see the red circled spot…well, i was trying to make a circle…. this is some real evidence myan.

i tell you i was lucky. coz my phone landed in the less watery part of the whole muddy puddle. luck’s been on my side before too.

this is not the first time that’s happened to me…i mean my phone fiasco goes back to 2004 to be precise. it was quite a cool thing to have a mobile then coz u know..they were so few around. i was up on the tall temple in the middle of basantapur. my phone dropped from the top and bounced off every big step down to the base of the temple and nearly got crushed by a passing taxi..i couldn’t look at it all…but guess what, i had a nokia then and it survived. i just had to change housing.

and then in between then and today, i’ve lost two cell phones…in taxis…and then dropped an iphone in water. broken one ipod and lost another one…the latter one was stolen…crashed a desktop and a laptop…but it’s not as bad as it sounds, really. coz i got a friend who’s lost way way way tooooo many cell phones and even forgot her whole damn bag in the tempo..the only thing she had put in her pocket was a nail polish. HAHAHAHA. it was so hilarious.



One thought on “phone in the hilo

  1. Oops! that was one lucky thing. I had one embarrassing thing happened to my phone last year. A bird that was apparently suffering from diarrhea relieved itself in my phone. Don’t ask me how, but it did. Even the nokia service center lady was bit reluctant to clean it when I took it there for rescue.

    I got an ultra cheap one later. Sigh.

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