chodi gaye paap lagla

before i get engrossed into this wonderful book i got today i.e. Terry Pratchett’s Wryd Sisters, am going to write about my latest film outing at bishwojyoti hall. and the movie was chodi gaye paap lagla.

well, the posters are all around town with richa ghimire in this white veil and gown. i didn’t want to go watch it like i wanted to watch preeti ko phool, but when i heard that the movie had won quite a number of awards, i was like WHOAAA, i have to go watch it by hook or crook.

and yep, you know what, i was completely satisfied with the day out. it was a good movie. well by good i mean, it is like a hindi flick with some jab we met like influences but it was not boring and it was not overdone. biraj bhatta’s role is quite funny…’hamilai police training ma sikayeko thiyo….’ or ‘hamilai training ma sikaudaina…’ hehehehe. he’s an inspector.

now i am starting to like mr raj ballav koirala’s acting…this is his third movie i’ve watched, this year alone. the funniest part in the movie is definitely when he gets out of the hospital bed right after having a spinal cord surgery (bike accident ma parera) because the girl is going to the airport….i.e. going back to her home. but she paid all his operation expenses by borrowing money from her father, who made a condition that she would have to marry the inspector. so he runs out and when he sees his lady love he shouts..’isha, i love you!’ but it was so sudden and awkward ki it was so funny. and then…suspense…richa ghimire po aipugche.

the girl played by sanchita luitel is nir shah’s daughter. nir shah is a D.I.G. and like in most movies i’ve seen lately, he is the father who is a villain at the beginning of the movie and then has a change of heart towards the end. awwwww :-P

so i retold the entire story in shortcut over dinner at home. i got stuck at trying to remember biraj bhatta’s character’s name. raj ballav is rabin, richa ghimire (who has a short part in terms of dialogue but long part in terms of singing and dancing) is ritu, sanchita luitel is isha….what was biraj bhatta’s name!!! think think think think think think…and then i remembered…it was biraj nai….kasto birsya maile.

there was this dialogue where rabin has to break ritu’s heart. and he goes on to say sth like…ritu, maya bhane ko khola jastai ho..tyo bagera gaye pachi pharkera audaina…samundra ma puge pachi…timi na huda mero maya ko khola le bato pheryo..sth sth sth like that. so i got to thinking….wow! that’s some hardcore metaphor. and then ritu says….busss!!!….aba kehi nabhana and runs away crying kyare.

imagine it in english…’love is like a river…once it reaches its destination it doesn’t come back..or once it changes its direction….’…hahahah sounds so funny. but it sounds cool in nepali. anyways, there were some good lines in the movie. can’t remember them, but my friend was like..oh that was a nice line.

myan oh myan…mero neighborhood ma last few days ma puja chalira cha. bihana dekhi raat bhari prawachan ra singing huncha. ahile chahi…raghupati raghav raja raam gairachan. my cousin says…tyo najikai basne lai ta kasto bhayo hola jhan????

hahahhaha….preeti ko phool ko last tira ko dialogue yaad ayo….’gauri timro preeti ko phool kati chito oilyalo’..and then gauri realizes and says, ‘malai maaf gardeu, mero preeti ko phool chito oilyayecha…..’ happy ending to a triangle love story. tara, story line chahi ali complex nai cha bhannu parla, chodi gaye paap lagla ko chahi. with like two couples and well…won’t say more. go watch the movie kya.

one odd part of the movie was that in most of the extreme close up shots, the frames were like cut off at odd places like at the actor’s mouth or chin. ani dance garda pani khutta kati ra ko kati thau ma. those were a bit odd. besides that, i would recommend folks to go to this movie…it came out way back…like two years back po hola hai. tara kathmandu valley bhitra movie release ek dum dhilo huncha…no wonder this guy was commenting in the micro the other day…’tyo film ta kahile release bhako hamro ghar tira ta…’ hmmm…

i paid rs 100 for the balcony, 11:30 am show. first row ma gayera basau hami. qfx ma kung fu panda ko lagi 275 ko ticket (even tho that was a treat) and then 300 rs to get home in a taxi because it was past 9 pm. ajha ghar puge pachi…50 rupees thapidinu re. KYAAA HAUDE. aba x-men lerayo bhane chahi duiso janu paryo. micro ko bhada ta kaha pugisakyo…on that note, i remembered another incident today.

this micro driver saw a group of little girls in uniform who wanted to take the micro and he was telling the khalasi not to allow them on the micro…!!! WHAT! haddai pani garnu hunna ni hau. uni haru kasari ghar jane and their teacher was with them and she yelled at the driver…paisa tirchu hami bhandai…rati rati card ko discount hudaina bhanera kati mirco le kich kich garcha. well, i don’t have a card but still…u know…


2 thoughts on “chodi gaye paap lagla

  1. WOW, nice review! After reading those dialogues, malai ni herna janu man lagyo yo movie. But I’m actually excited about this new movie of our Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal: “Sahashi”, man those posters are seriously epic! :D
    Who’s Gauri by the way?

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