anar it is!

after thorough thinking and encouraging words from friends, i’ve decided to make ‘pomegranate’ the first screen print in my series. i will developing an edition of each work. there will be 25 prints maximum in each edition.

in printmaking you work on different kinds of surfaces to create your image. lithography is on stones, aquatint, etching are on metal plates, there’s relief printing done using wood or linoleum. screen print traditionally used silk is basically a piece of cloth stretched on a wooden frame. various chemicals and equipment are used to get the image on the screen…it is tough to explain the process and while i am still struggling to master the process, it’s even more tough to explain. when i was learning to screen print in college, we followed directions and then later tried to understand the process …making way for experimenting. ahh. once i get going i will post pictures on how to screen print at home. really, it’s not that tough to follow the process, it’s just that i can’t get it correct each time. so you do need a lot of patience. u can use very minimum materials and sunlight to do it.

so in printmaking, unlike a unique one painting, you can create multiple copies of the same work. like for example, if ‘pomegranate’ is my original drawing, the screen print edition will have 25 copies of it. it won’t be exactly same as the drawing though and their value may not be as high as the ‘one’ drawing. :-P

well that’s all for now. still need to brainstorm on how i am going to go ahead now.


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