pomegranate story

so The Week team asked me to make a drawing for the environment issue which came out today. i wasn’t sure what to make and spent some days brainstorming and eventually came up with the above drawing.

i had been thinking of this tree for a while now. there was a pomegranate tree a few houses away from mine. it was very pretty and i even took some pictures with my cell phone. they didn’t come out nice and i always told myself…hya…i’ll bring my camera and take pictures one day. i always procrastinated on that one…and one fine day when i was walking to a store near by, the tree was gone….gone forever.

….and even now as i see this huge house being built in the space, i think of the tree. of course, everyone has the right to build a house and i am not blaming anyone or complaining, but something comes over me when i think of the tree with the ripe pomegranates. i know, i am not a fan of pomegranates but i wish i had tasted that particular tree’s fruits. i’d like to think that i would have had a change of heart and become a fan of pomegranates.

check out their environment special issue here. and of course, i am grateful to them for giving me such a coveted space for my work. thanks team.


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