a proud owner of ‘wreck this journal’! & more of jebra.

on March 23, 2009 i bought ‘wreck this journal’ at the odyssey book store (the only book store) next to my college. it was love at first sight. i saw it and i just had to own it.

what is ‘wreck this journal’?

it’s this journal with all sorts of instructions inside. CRAZY instruction to ‘wreck’ it from poking holes to tearing and burning pages..to rubbing dirt and gluing fruit stickers. and c’mom am such a notepad/sketchbook freak that i had to get this journal. and then it became my favorite thing for the next few months until….until…

until, one day..an entire bottle of water drained on top of it. :-( i was so sad. i had my water bottle and the journal inside my bag. i tried to get it straightened out but couldn’t. some of the pages i’d written on were all ruined and it startled to wrinkle and get all crumpled..:-(

and so i kept it on my shelf with more than half the journal unwritten. come to think of it, the whole point of the journal is to wreck it and by spilling water on it, i actually served the purpose. hahaha

and now after two years am picking it up again. i love to do some bedtime drawing, before dozing off. so i did one in the journal yesterday.

sharing it here:

crack the spine was already written in the journal. here’s the wider view of the book:


3 thoughts on “a proud owner of ‘wreck this journal’! & more of jebra.

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