crisis…what is a crisis?

‘crisis…what is a crisis?’

now that’s all i’ve been listening to since yesterday on bbc 103 FM.

sepp blatter at a press conference on repeat in every other news…like every 15 mins or so hola. ‘crisis, what is a crisis?…if somebody would describe to me what is a crisis…football is not in a crisis?’ and that’s FIFA’s president for you, Sepp Blatter. saying that FIFA is not in a crisis but going through difficulties that can be solved within the family. this is the biggest scandal since it’s establishment some 100 years ago. 107 years, to be precise i think.

i have little interest in sport and sport news. but well, BBC has sort of forced me to be aware about the ongoings of FIFA and the election that is supposed to happen on Wednesday. but the other candidate, Mohammad bin Hamman, has stepped down…now only the member countries’ 2/3 votes can move wednesday’s elections for a new president. blatter is the only one running. and two senior members have also been suspended by the ethics committee.

i am reiterating news that i have been listening to over and over again. (it’s repeating the news again)

an email written by fifa secretary general jerome valcke has been released which sort of suggests that qatar bought the 2022 world cup. and qatar is now mad over the accusation…i heard a qatar representative say that some are jealous…well the other bidders..and he even went to the extent of saying that it was racist.. and then valcke, who says that he did write the email…says that he didn’t mean that they ‘bought’ but blah blah blah blah…and then in all of this, fifa’s big sponsors like coca cola and adidas are worried over the controversies because it affects fifa and its supporters i.e. them. blah blah blah blah blah


and then i hear news on the ‘corrective’ rapes on lesbians in south africa. what is with people? i simply don’t get some notions and ideas of people, how do they come up with such horrendous thinngs??? i really don’t understand. it’s disturbing, plain disturbing.

while BBC is still airing news on FIFA, this news on corrective rapes, which i’ve heard only once, has left me dumbfounded. most of the women die during the rape or have died with AIDS transmitted by the rape. a 13-year-old was a recent victim. can someone make any sense out of this? i really really really can’t understand such things…


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