‘harke does yoga’ & the list

i’ve been preparing The LIST! i have too many lists as it is..to do today, to do this week, to do this month and of course, those unrealistic new year resolutions. euta ta thiyo bungee jumping which got postponed..coz of my leg. there are some others on list..let me not reveal those. they are plain silly..some of those.

so the list is for the series that i am starting to work on.

1. there was so much red, it bled every time she washed it.

2. i waited for an entire song, and two.

3. every morning i delete my messages.

4. the butterflies within me have died.

5. like polka dots, the raindrops fells on the newspaper and disappeared into the words one by one.

6. my pillow had salted and dried way before.

7. he muttered in bits and bytes, i whispered in shades and lines.

8. the smell of cigarettes hung onto me

9. damn…you bring out the poetic side in me

10. i am the flower that forgot to bloom.

so these are lines that i wrote..goes back to some 6 years too. lines from other poems..or just single sentences that came into my mind…hmmm…what am i going to do with them? the idea is to make some screen prints taking these sentences. but then…i go back to what my professor told me…you think you know, but you don’t really know…she said it more elegantly of course. :-P

what i am trying to say is that i have an idea in my mind at the moment of what i want to do and how i want to create this series of prints. however, i am pretty sure that it’s going to become something quite different at the end of the day..in this case a year. my target is one year to make editions of these prints. i am excited…let’s see. let’s seeee…

i sound so serious in the lines..seriously serious. depressingly serious…but i do have that in me too, i guess.

anyways, here’s a drawing of harke that i’ve been meaning to upload for sometime. it’s already up on my website though. under the category of art/creatures. this was one of my drawings at my presentation in the second pecha kucha…some time back. that was fun actually. hehehehe.


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