ADHUNIQUE IS OUT (with my drawings :-))

i just had to write about this. hehehehe…diwas gurung’s new album adhunique is out. well, as it is i am excited because he’s my cousin. the other major excitement is that he’s used my drawings in the album! :-) wooohoooo!!!!

am going to post the drawings later. you can see the drawings if u click on the tracks’s info too.


pahelo pote

hami ayau


One thought on “ADHUNIQUE IS OUT (with my drawings :-))

  1. झकास् छन् ति चित्रहरु। अत्यन्तै दामी।
    अब गाना पनि उतिनै दामी होलान – किनेर, सुनेर थाहा पाउने विचारमा छु।

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