couldn’t avoid that insect bite, i guess.

something is always happening to me. bruises, wounds, cuts, sprains, backaches, headaches, allergies, low blood pressure…ailments of some sort. and right now, it’s the turn of rashes…allergies. and i am thinking of that doctor who wrote ‘Avoid Insect Bites’ on the report card for me… i surely don’t see the point of going to him.

don’t know what triggered the group of red spots at the moment, but it’d been a week or so, after which i seriously decided to get some medicines. ama says, “go to dr ‘avoid insect bites'”. and i am like, “no way…all he’s going to say is avoid insect bites all over again.”

sarai nai bhayo. you know when that ‘phoka’ is itching tooo much, what i do first is mark it with a dot pen. round round marks and then next stage ma what i do is put a handiplast on it. just so that i don’t scratch it too much. mero yo allergy handiplast stage pani paaarr garisakyo and it doesn’t get better.

so new road tyo corner ko gudpak pasal ko opposite ma euta medical store cha ni. i go there to get some medicines. mero rash acha…yesto bhanera dekhaye. ani this dude gives me a malam and a strip of pills. when i got my ligament torn one of my doctor friends had exclaimed at me for not knowing what i was consuming, “timro medicine ma k cha timilai thaha chaina??? jahile pani hernu parcha!!!” HMMMM…OOOKAAAYYY

katti nai bhujne jastai gari, i look at the tube and the pills to see what in the heck they contain. as if it mattered, tyo naam padhera maile bhujne nai jasto. i was going to buy them anyways…regardless of what they have or don’t have. ah, thinking of the time when i had that boil on my neck and i got the ‘ankha’ nikalofied at this medical pasal in jyatha. it was this spontaneous decision while i was walking with my friend. i couldn’t bear the damn pain in my neck. LITERALLY, pain in the neck. ani hinda hindai we looked for a medical store to get a dressing but the guy was like ‘nikalnu parcha ankha’. uff, uff, uff. ‘ankha’ ta nikalyo hai. i came home and showed it go the clinic near by..the guy there says ‘tapaiko ankha niskeko ta chaina’. and i nearly faint. hahaha..just kidding. it healed soon after.

i think i’ve written about this before. i’m a little disoriented from sitting at the computer for long hours in the past few days. i have been working you see. drawing and experimenting and typing and typing and typing…phew!

i think i’ll go for a walk out today. i am so out of the political ongoings hai. the other day i was at baneshwor and picked up a pamphlet from those singing women. they were singing about and to the 601 members. all day long. i do feel guilty for my lack of participation and interest, but i also feel indifferent at the same time. but i do like the graffiti propping up on some of the city walls. :-)


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