my website and thokkine syndrome

i don’t know when i got my website registered, but it’s been a while. but i still haven’t finished uploading works. and even now it is half done… (sounds like some professional stuff hai! hehehehe)..thanks to the bandha..i’ve been working on it.. dont’ have high expectations. it’s a totally ‘low budget’ wesbite with few screws and knobs.

but if you do decide to go to my website to look at my artwork, here are the pages under ART that have content:



from my sketch books


of memories

the others are on their way. some need to be photographed and i still need to put in the dimensions of the works.  i also haven’t put in the introduction text yet. but ‘home’ is my bachelor’s thesis works..a part of it. and ‘of memories’ is a piece i did for class in 2008. i wasn’t much into sculpture but when i got into cutting and gluing things..hmmm..i could go on and on. hahahaha. and yes, i did cut myself time to time. even with the woodcutting tools in printmaking.

my friends and my ama will tell you that i am one accident prone person. not the big big ones…but like banging into doors and tables and walls. my iskoool buddies and i were reminiscing that yesterday.

you know, i see it. i see that the door is right there. and it’s not even blocking my way, BUT i go and hit myself right on it. i am not sure if anyone has made studies on such a phenomenon..hahaha…re kya…hahaha…u know the kind of syndromes and problems that have been identified abroad…nepal ma ta baaalai bhayena…mero chahi ‘thokkine’ syndrome cha kya. hahahaha. seriously though, there’s never a time when i am without a bruise on my legs. i tend to bang into the sharp corners of the low stools at home and the sofa in the corridor (telephone garda basnu lagi kya)…the tables and well…just anything…like even my moja rakhne drawer.

tara, ma thokkine pani yestai inanimate ojbects sanga nai ho…jasko chahi chucho edges cha. like i don’t bang into the curved table…tyo pointed rectangular table ma nai thokinchu kya.

woe is me.



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