pakku brings the house down

it’s been a while since i wrote about our ‘dearest’ dog pakku. he’s been such a dog ki k bhanne. you know what we like to say at home…’yo ta kukur nai ho.’ well, he is literally a dog but then you know how pets become cultured and all that..but this one, myan oh myan. it’s come to the point of me and cousin sam, giving him the ‘SILENT TREATMENT’.



he jumped at me and nearly bit me TWICE..when i was being nice to him and patting him on his head.

he growls at us if we even laugh a loud…if we make any noise…this is when he is sleeping under the bed, under the sofa, under the chair..and we happen to be in the same room. but get this: if there was a real character called ‘courage: the cowardly dog’ it would be our Pakku. he goes under the beds and sofas coz he is shit scared of thunders, rains and any kind of loud noises…tyo itta ra dhunga jhareko awaj le ta tarsera kaaa luknu pugcha. however, if it is us making the noise he likes to act a hero and growls at us for being inconsiderate and disturbing his sleep.

he comes at the middle of the night HOWLLINGGG like a whale…AAAUUUUUWWWAAAAUUUUUAAAAAAAWWWOOOOOWWW…gosh and goes on scratching on our doors for the longest time…WHY? coz he doesn’t want to sleep alone downstairs when it is awfully raining hard. he is scared.


he gives us that mean mean mean stare. i’ll swear to anything, he has the meanest stare in the world. not even people stare like him. sometimes, he hops onto the sofa and dozes off. that is not his place, but i am too scared to yell at him. and so when i enter the room..i keep a distance from him coz he gives me this  ‘what are you looking at? am not going to get off this sofa’ LOOK.

and thus, the SILENT TREATMENT.

we ignore him when we come home, we ignore his presence in the room, we ignore him any time we can.

the other night, Pakku decided to pick my ama’s bed for his slumber time. and so he went under her bed and wouldn’t budge. we are trying to get him to sleep in his own bed. dude, he gets to sleep inside and has this perfect spot under the stairs – all to his own..because we don’t even dare go and touch his shirak and stuff..he’ll growl there too.

anyways, it’s past 11 pm and the whole house gets up to convince him to come out and go down. pahile pahile we used to yell at him and show him the stick or kucho..and agitate him coz he is so stubborn. but at the suggestion of our sanu ama, who hasn’t met pakku yet, we tried the gentle way. so ama, sanuba, ritu & kanchi…(Sam and I are silent observers kya) were like ‘PAKKUUU, AUU, AUUU…TALA AUU…PAKKUU, AUU, AUUU, AAAAUUUUU!’ put this on repeat for at least 10 minutes..and the dog is STILL giving that awful stare..’no way!’ dude we weren’t even saying ‘AIJA’ to this dog. full respect ko sath bolaye pani…ahhaaa…kaam chaina.

sam and i were laughing…we should record this ‘auu, pakkuu aauu’ and play it when we need to…coz we can’t be standing on the staircase all night long. hahahah…or we should record ‘thunder and lightning’ ko sound to scare him. hahahahah

all efforts fail.

the only trick to get him out of the room is to lock him up inside ALONE! this dog is a super duper social being who can’t live alone and won’t stay in a room without people in the DARK.

so we all get out of the room, shut the lights and the pull the door and close him off…HEHEHEHEHEHEHE….we sound so evil but this is the best way to get him out and make him sleep in his bed..which is cozy myan. bhau khojne pet.

hehhehehe. so after a while…we open the door and lo and behold! pakku is at the door waiting to get out from the dark. ahhahaha…it worked!

and that’s the end of this wonderful family story.


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