in ‘that’ phase again?

‘i need a hairstyle change’ was what i wrote in facebook and my friend sanu gave me the above reply: in ‘that’ phase again? hahahhahaha

can’t stop laughing about it, but well, it’s sort of true. i have my phases. we all, don’t we? anyways, right now i can’t get myself to work, to get organized, to get going, to getting things done on time, to replying emails, to doing this and to doing that…i even procrastinated on washing my clothes for some time.

yesterday, i finally got around to dipping them in surf and guess what, i forgot about it…and later, my cousin had washed all my dirty t-shirts…bummeerrr!!! my energy to do things at home like wash the dishes, sweep the rooms…and u know, household chores…just have flown out the window. and now when i look at the mirror…i am done with this curly hairdo…i like a change every now and then, unless i am to busy to notice that i need the change.

am going to blame it on the weather that is so hot and makes me lazy..on the friend’s wedding hangover…(for no reason)…and also on my freaking website, which i have been trying to work on for some time and it just eats up all my patience and enthusiasm. i don’t know myan. ghari k milcha, ghari k mildaina and i am so done complaining about it to those who made it. and so, i am just trying to make the best of it but it isn’t working out. :-(

‘of memories‘ is all that i have uploaded yet and the ‘next/previous’ sign is lost somewhere on the top. how ridiculous is that????

this is a piece of work i did for my sculpture class in 2008. i left it in the US. i gifted it to Stage Crew of my college, which is where i worked as a techie for three years. i was supposed to send a message to the graduating class, but my ‘that’ phase had already caught up to me by then and i missed the date.

i had a hard time cutting this photograph. oh myan oh myan, photoshop chalaunu naayera..tension nai ho. so i looked at this youtube video and it showed how to crop using a photo of vin diesel..and so i used the magnetic lasso tool in photoshop and finalllllyyy…achieved this. this is all that i did yesterday afternoon!!! talk about being efficient and productive.

so i called it quits around 4 pm and went up to the terrace and did some drawing of the ‘picturesque’ landscape of our neighborhood…gosh, the amount of black water tanks…whew…and then, by the time i covered half the page, i got bored….drawing the foliage and trees…so i left that tooo…and then i decided to start reading manjushree thapa’s ‘a boy from sikles’. the nepali version has just come out too. decided to take a break when i reached at the mid-point of the book….it’s ‘that’ phase, kya.

usually, the end of ‘that’ phase is marked by an intense shopping of things that i don’t need or a visit to the parlor that involves ‘chop’ ‘chop’ ‘chop’ of my hair. tara malai ghar bata bahira jane nai energy chaina, kya…to do either..i do go out, but only due to utmost necessity…so this ‘phase’ is only getting longer and longer.


One thought on “in ‘that’ phase again?

  1. manjushree thapa has a new book? I’m sending you some books to reado soon….will write more in inbox…hahahha, i sup[er likes this bt-dubs! :P

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