rato mato in republica

“Rato Mato” launched


KATHMANDU, May 16: House of Music in Thamel, Kathmandu came alive on Saturday May 14, with evergreen Nepali folk songs from the debut album, “Rato Mato” by Diwas Gurung.

Bringing a new touch and energy to old Nepali folk songs, in Rato Mato, Gurung interprets the songs giving them a newer perspective while still retaining its originality.

A musician based in Ithaca, New York, USA, Gurung, also a former guitarist of Albatross, is one of the founding members of the progressive rock band Ayurveda based in America.

Though Gurung was not present at the album launch, his 86 year old grandmother Shree Kumari Gurung lighted the panas and inaugurated the album.

The program was followed by promotional video of the album where Gurung expressed his passion for music since childhood, his journey from Albatross to Ayurveda and his inspiration to release Rato Mato.

Through the video, Gurung also explained his journey regarding the album.

His band Ayurveda used to perform at the “Nepali Folk Night”, a bi-weekly show at a local club where Rato Mato originated.

It was there that the band learned to play few songs included in the album. Thus the idea of recording an album highlighting certain Nepali songs (classics) came into being.

Gurung rearranged the music adding different instrumentation while leaving the vocal melody intact to retain its authenticity.

The album, he says is a tribute and an appreciation for unforgettable Nepali folk songs. Rato Mato was first released in the US in May 2009. It was recorded in Ithaca, New York, over a period of three months.

Besides a new additional track, the album that released in Nepal has a slightly different album cover and CD art. It opens up with the classic Gopal Yonzon song, “Chyanba hoi chyangba”.

Some of the other songs from the album are Asarai maina ma, Ma chi Kadaile, Herda ma ramro, lekali, Sanjha ko belama, Mai runchu and Domestic Bliss, the only complete original composition sung by Tom Burchinal, lead vocalist of Ayurveda.

At the event, Gurung’s father O.B Soaltee also performed songs from the album.

“I always wanted my son to sing folk songs but he was more into rock music. After he went to the US, I could see the transformation and his love for folk music. He said he wanted to start something with remixes and started working on it,” expressed Soaltee.

At the event, songs like Sanjha ko belama was also performed by Albatross.



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