rato mato flyer

made this for my cousin brother diwas gurung’s album release in nepal. we haven’t gotten around to leaving the CDs at the outlets, yet..hehehe..but will sooooon. starting tomorrow. with the launching ceremony over and thankfully, having gone smoothly…we have more time to focus on outreach. re kyaaa..hahahah…yeah and we are trying to get his CDs sold to places outside of kathmandu as well. perhaps, we can also post a copy to some of you. don’t know yet. last night we sold some 20 CDs. off to a good start, i’d like to think. our whole family was there, but we were definitely missing sanuama, diwas dai, mero bhai, rajneesh dai and many other more dearest and nearest ones. :-(

essentially, rato mato is a tribute to nepali folk songs. diwas dai has remixed them but not in the remix that we are so used to hearing…the thump thump thump of some fast synthetic drum beats isn’t the only form of remix. well, if you want to hear some of his stuff, then go to his blog: http://www.diwasg.wordpress.com or facebook.com/diwasg. there’s more on ayurveda’s website.

never mind, SG is heading out to drop the CDs. Yippie!!!


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