between heartaches and celebrations

there’s been too many things on my mind lately. i guess the long traffic jam at putali sadak got me thinking. i sat in the front part of the nepal yatayat…next to the know facing the big windshield. i like sitting there…it’s not necessarily a nice view but i like to look outside the window without being limited. :-)

one of my best friend’s getting married tomorrow. i’ve known her for nearly 10 years now but it feels like it was only some time back that we shared a room in school, listened to savage garden and daniel beddingfeld, went around basantapur and hung around at the top of the temple, since we went to study and since we came back home….Only some time since we went around the fields of bhaisepati, since i ate banda ko tarkari at her place…i love banda..i.e. cabbage and whenever i went over, there’d be some banda for me….we never thought that she’d be the first in our group to get married. but the day’s here and it’s tomorrow. i am nervous and she must be heck-a-lot more nervous. but i know that she’s happy and will be happy.

ahh…ktm won’t be the same without her around. she’s going out of the country after marriage. wedding preparations were in full swing yesterday at her home.

but with mehendi on my hands, today,  i went to visit a friend who lost his grandmother last night. i reached the prayag ghat at sinamangal and i was not sure what to say when i saw him. i am an awkward person…i don’t know how to talk to kids, express my condolences or how to console someone in person. but i can listen to them, i guess. and i rarely say, ‘i know what you are going through’ unless it’s something i’ve really been through…

this summer, i got another friend marrying her long time boyfriend…and yet, i also got friends who have had to end their relationships after years…because marriage wasn’t possible…the cultural and religious constraints.

and so i’m between heartaches and celebrations of friends. my thoughts are divided among all of them…


2 thoughts on “between heartaches and celebrations

  1. The memories of the wedding just came rushing back after reading this blog!!! I still can’t believe that it all happened…its crazy…and that I was there…so unreal! life and its craziness eh!
    Hope you are doing well :) and I love your blogs!!!

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