the breakfast menu @ home

if i eat breakfast at home, it’ll be like thrice a month or so. no, i don’t get up late. i just don’t feel like eating in the morning. i only have a cup of tea and if there’s extra tea, then one more cup of tea and if i feel the need for more, i’ll make a hot lemon with honey. i just like to sip hot drinks in the mornings and then have lunch later.

well, about the menu though…it isn’t a menu, but for years it seems like we’ve created a pattern at home. not ‘we’, my ama i should say has created this pattern. i remember eating halwa every saturday morning growing up..when i was not growing up at school compounds…which means during school vacations. and guess what???

we still eat halwa on saturdays even today. WALLAAAH! some things never change. hehehehe

so here’s the list of what we eat.

anyone else got a fixed breakfast menu at home? hmmm…well, come to think of it…even school had a fixed menu hahahahhaha…breakfast at school was hardly appetizing though. phew, don’t know how we even survived. i used to go join the footballers with their extra breakfast sometimes.

i wasn’t the sporty kind. well i was a little bit but not someone on the tracks. i did high jump and discus throw and had records in both. :-) well, the high jump got broken i think. don’t about about the other one. the last time i went to visit my alum…i was told that i couldn’t take pictures? WHATTT??? you mean, i can’t go down the drain and pose in there. yeah, the drain was where we played and went zig zag zig zag…esp in the monsoon it was scarrrry!!! with all the leu and all. and the waterfall over at shivapuri looked like a huge huge fountain of chocolate flowing down the hills. chocolate? naaahh! it was just the muddy dark brown waters of the rainy season.

well, not eating breakfast at home today. but going somewhere else for breakfast. Chikusa! in Thamel. they jacked up their prices recently, but then things are getting so expensive these days. the petrol queue is crazy. not getting stuck in a traffic jam at singhadurbar was crazy tooo. traffic is thin.

all for this morning.


One thought on “the breakfast menu @ home

  1. I like how it’s the tea washing the rest down – provided it generally comes later? Very nice illustration of the menu. And, is the haluwa ‘suzi ko haluwa’ or of other assortments/ingredients? Kinda curious here a bit ..

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