the weather can be such an ass

i shouldn’t be complaining because mother nature has caused much much much greater harm and devastation than the rain last night…but it so happened that my friend’s soon to be hubby was going to arrive in kathmandu yesterday and well, he missed the whole engagement ceremony!!!

flights on hold for long time and diverted to other airports in India…myan oh myan. i wouldn’t have had the guts to stay as calm as my friend did, if i’d been the bride. for one, the weather was bad and so landing would be a greater risk than getting late to the ceremony. BUT DUDDDEEEEeee, that was the engagement ceremony…thankfully it was not the wedding…or we’d be surely running off to the airport, hai?

the engagement could have been done on another day and not on the same day as the groom arrived, but hmmm….it is the issue of ‘saaiitss’ noooo. the saiitt passes by right through and you may just have to wait for a few days, weeks or months! k garne. hamra chalaaan haru pani…khatrraaii chan bhannnu parllaaa.

well, good thing that he is safe and did land late last night in TIA at 10:55 pm. whewwww…that was a big big sigh of relief for my friend. seriously, i’d been with her all through the night and then when she finally smiled that natural khullllaaaa smile (well, posing for photos and all that she had to be smiling kyaaa) it was a huge relief for me and for everyone around her.

she’s an adventurous girl but there’s been enough adventure ever since the wedding plans began. :-) hope that this one was the last in line. and so it’s one reason why i haven’t been drawing or writing as much. i got my school friend marrying…i got to be there, right!!!

besides, i told her yesterday, “witnessing your marriage might be enough experience for me…i’ll just have a court marriage.”


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