what’s up with the dim and crooked screen at gopi krishna? the ‘fragnance of love’ movie

so this is not the first time i’ve had problems with gopi krishna’s screens. for some reason batch no 16 was the same as well. the movie was dim from beginning to end and sort of out of focus. you couldn’t get the right brightness of the colors and so the entire movie experience went down by 50%…forget the story line of the movie, if you can’t even see the actors properly. I don’t get it!

now preeti ko phool is their own production right? so when it was screened at shivaya (one of the halls) why was it so dim? and yes, why was the screen crooked on the top right corner? it was ridiculous. and you know, i have actually watched other movies in that very hall before as well..i think it was kasle choryo mero mann and that was fine…in terms of the screen being bright enough and not crooked. batch no 16 as at gopi itself and it was horrible trying to adjust your eyes to the dim dim dim screen.

it was of very poor quality, given point number three of this screen shot from their website. EXTRAORDINARY picture quality ray!!! bhayena. yo ta dhoka nai ho. i don’t care about the rest of the points at this point. if they were to fix the picture quality and make it ordinary (not even asking for extraordinary because this was below ordinary) then i would go watch the movie again…just coz i want to see it in the actual colors, you know.

about the movie itself. we went for the 5:10 pm show and well there were hardly any one in the audience…there must have been like 20 of us or so..less than that i think.

the story line for preeti ko phool is nothing original.  SPOILER ALERT: village boy falls for film actress on tv. village girl who loves village boy sells cow to send village boy to city. village boy realizes film actress is not so nice in real person and returns to village to the village girl. later film actress goes to village to say sorry and brings village boy to city again to act in film and falls in love with him. and so village girl is mad and suicidal. but at the end, village girl and boy are together and film actress from city goes back to city alone. even tho the story was not new, the movie didn’t have a weak story like Swor.

i thought that the posters and all gave too much emphasis on yuna uprety when the other actress, garima panta i think has a bigger role and should have been equally up on the posters…their acting i thought was quite good! :-) all of them were pretty good actually. well there were some awesome filmy scenes that were unconvincing but well, all in all, the movie was not that bad. it was much better that Swor and better than batch no 16 in terms of returns of entertainment against Rs 100 ticket. i feel like making a graph. maybe next time hahahah.

ok so the funniest part, which i only noticed now, is that the posters say : FRAGNANCE OF LOVE. all this time, i was reading fragrance of love. hehehehehehehe. i was wrong.ai ai aiiiii….!!! and they were some lip syncing errors too.

the songs are good coming from nepali films these days. my ama had heard the title track so many times on Radio Filmy, which we listen to at home, that she had to go see the movie. the choreography was not bad either but the clothes..some of the clothes esp of what garima panta had to wear, could have been replaced.

yuna uprety..i thought she had a much much better role and dialogues in this movie in comparison to flashback! ahahahah…that was just crying and crying. so that’s all.

the movie was good for ‘time pass’ and entertainment but yuna uprety should really consider not wearing bright red lipstick and too much make up.


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