it’s 6 am! say hello to jebra.

so i got a call sometime around 5:15 am from my friend who confirmed his ticket to the UK sometime around 4 am and has to get to the airport sometime around 7 am for his flight at 10 am! phew! and he called to ask me that crucial question, “ghar ma batti cha????” (for some reason i want to repeat this like in hindi serials…)…”ghar ma batti cha???” “chaa??” “cchhhhhaaa?”

i go check and THANK YOU NEC! we have electricity at 5 am on friday mornings. and the next question, “printer cha?” it is so goood that we do have one…and it works. and that’s how NEC and i saved the day! wooohoo

but for now say hello to JEBRA! i was thinking of a suitable name…zebra is too common hahaha. i haven’t figured out what he does yet. now i am thinking i need to make some speech bubbles with some good content. hmmmmmm…..let’s say that Jebra was adopted by the ‘typical’ hatti ra kamila ko jodi in nepal….which means now i need an elephant and an ant…hoina, jebra should be a lonesome character who sometimes hangs out with harke….nooo…jebra is a don…hmmm…..what should he beee?????? i need suggessstiooonsss!!!

well, whatever. am so sleepy right now and i am only writing this because there is BATTI and it goes out at 8 am. i am up already, so let me just make the best out of the electricity, eh?

bon voyage to my friend.


10 thoughts on “it’s 6 am! say hello to jebra.

    • hahahhaha. i was making a black belt and then it turned out to look more like bathrobe!!! hahahahahahhahah….and then my cousin said, “why don’t you make some indoor slippers?” hahahahahhahahahahahahahahha…

  1. This Zebra looks confused???!!..he might be thinking …m i a white zebra with black strips or a black zebra with hite stips??!! lol….How ’bout Zeb-Man!!!

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