M for Motivation Chaina and disgusting APF guards.

so yesterday, i was really really angry…the “security personnels” standing outside the American Embassy, both at Maharajgunj and ESP at JAMAL!! HAVE NO FREAKING MANNERS AND ARE THE WORST OF HARASSERS IN KATHMANDU. how can you expect the armed police force to protect and help civilians or whoever they are supposed to protect if they have the foulest mouths in the Valley??? they are the most disgusting of all eve teasers…forget random bikers and gangs of adolescent boys who have bunked classes.

seriously, they are disgusting. i was so mad after the cat call yesterday. gosh. i was in fumes. but i still walked away like i heard nothing. sometimes i don’t choose to do that though. and next time, i will probably lodge a complaint then and there. i hate walking past that gateway from durbarmarg to thamel. but why should i hate walking and be scared and feel vulnerable…yet it’s tough not to feel that way when ur victimized…forget other civilians…these are armed police force people and aren’t they supposed to be disciplined?

a month ago, my cousin and i were walking past the same road and the one guard had the guts to eve tease us. i turned around and showed him the middle finger. and believe, that was not the first time i’ve done so in kathmandu and it definitely wasn’t the last time.

i don’t get it. seriously, i don’t get it.

but to move on….

I am experiencing the slump period..no, not the holiday hangover but just the waiting around for electricity and the ‘i am the only one who is not working and so i don’t have friends to hang around with’ slump. and i can’t call friends who are working to hang out because, well, they are at work….hmmm…and besides, that i partially broke a molar tooth today. :-(

pecha kucha night was a lot of fun. it was fun presenting and the even more fun part was being appreciated by known and unknown faces!! i was nervous, very nervous. it was after i got to Attic at 5:30 that i started writing down notes for my slides, but guess WHAT? i didn’t read/look/say most of the things i wrote. :-P totally defeated the purpose of ‘making notes’..i should have just chilled… hahaha…but then, it went well and thank you sujan dai for asking me to share my works. :-) :-) :-) very very glad that i got the opportunity. and yes, chirag dai, thank you for that intro. hehehe.

and one of the best reactions of the night was by a friend, who recently came back from the states (we hadn’t met in the last two years or so). he says right after the end of the program, “i didn’t know you at all?” hahahahahahhahahahahah. well, i didn’t know this side of me either..c.


i wasn’t used to be this humorous actually and even i am surprised that i am able to write in a funny way and make funny looking drawings. well, at least i think they look funny to me. ahahaha. hahahhaha.

okay then. the objective for this week/weekend is to go watch Priti ko Phool: Fragrance of Love which has yuna uprety and raj ballav koirala. yes, the title and the tagline of the movie makes no sense at all…if you are going for the literal translation hai. hahah..it’s like that movie…Bato muni ko phool…the flower under the road…how can u have a flower under the road…bridge muni hola..or…bato ko side ma hola..why do i feel that i have written about this before? never mind..

more when i achieve the target of watching the movie. i am super excited.


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