Day at the bank: Had no money

it’s been such a wet day in kathmandu but i was on a mission for the last day of the nepali year.

the bank visit:

when i interned at the zoo in boston…(isn’t that cool..hahaha)..anyways, i had to go through this customer service training and the guy told us: “the worst customer service you get is at banks, even though they have lots of staff.” well, i was at three banks of sunday: nabil, standard chartered and lumbini finance and today at investment. but they weren’t that bad.

i tell you, in kathmandu the worst customer service you get (don’t count government offices), is at Bhat bhateni super markets. now they opened a saleways near the maharajgunj bhat bhateni and my ama says, “i am just tempted to go to saleways because the bhat bhateni sales girls are very unhelpful.” first hand experience they are not friendly at all.

anyways, so my account’s been DORMANT for like two years now. and so i had to fill out the dormant form to make my account active. see i was going to close the bank account, since there was no money in it, but they were going to charge me to close the account, which was opened by my work 6 years back. HECK NOOO!!! i am not going to pay you freaking RS 500 to close the account, so i get an atm card made for 200 RS…that i never use for the next two years (coz i had no money.)

and so i finally go today, two years later, and fill out all the required forms again!

the lady verifying the signature tells me i need to add a ‘dot’ because the computer screen says so…and that my signature has only one line under the name and i had made two…so i have to make only double line…and so i sign like three four times..uff. kati garo hau!!! and then i stay in line for the dormant thing…this other man was complaining too…signature marathon le garda, hahaha. well, it’s for our own good and all that, i get it. but GOSH!!

ani the form has this question: why didn’t you use ur account or sth like that…and i leave it blank and then this lady teller says: “u have to fill it up”. and i said well…i just didn’t use it….and then she says..”no you have to fill it”..and then i say: well it’s coz i didn’t have any money to put into the account. and then she says, “ok write that”. WOKAY! i say and write down: HAD NO MONEY! well, that’s a great valid reason right?

the gallery visits:

then i went on to see the kathmandu,kathmandu. exhibition at nepal art council. thought it was an average exhibition, on the whole. i liked the presentation though and the nice frames. the thing i don’t like about exhibitions in that particular space is the reflection on the glasses…i have to sway this way and that way and then move my head down and stretch my neck up and then adjust my glasses and strain my eyes to look at the photographs or paintings…whatever’s on show in framed glasses.

and then i was off to siddhartha art gallery to see the current show. ooo the paintings were great and i am inspired by ilsa brittain. drew me back to turpentine and linseed oil for some reason. i wanted to get out my brush and paint after a long time. i have been meaning to do some self portraits but haven’t been quite motivated. maybe be this will get me going. maaaayyyy beeeeee…..


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