third day in seria

it’s a real bummer that i forgot to pack my camera’s dock and i can’t upload pictures. so far, during the trip, i have torn two of my sandals and broken my cell phone charger coz i tried to force it into the square and flat charging points. hahaha. biratnagar ma saya rupiya ma kine ko thiye last year august ma. j hos tike kai ho. hahaha.

photos..going back to photos and that it’s too bad that i can’t upload photos because the brunei sunset last evening by the sea was something to kill for. well, that’s too much..but you get my point. it was absolutely amazing with the clouds in numerous hues of purple, orange, red, blue and yellowssss…it was simply breath taking as we watched the sun drown into the horizon. the oil rigs far in the distant were faintly twinkly.

we are in the camp resident area…i.e. where family’s of gorkha soldiers live. well, out here as far i’ve seen, most of the residents are of gorkha families or of shell company workers.

the camp is a total opposite from singapore where the security was so tight, the rules strict and the walls wrung with barbed wires all over, many armed soldiers patrolling at the gates, no trespassing, the apartments tall, tall and taller! but here in brunei there are no boundaries, the apartments are one floor with a backyard space enough for mango and coconut trees and plants! i haven’t seen a single soldier. all the houses are far apart from each other. no one walks around here and there are no side walks.

seria, the town we are in, is quite mundane actually…hehehe. seriously we went to the shopping center yesterday and it was so not happening. hahaha..sachi when my ama said that it is quite boring and there is nothing to do, she meant it. things are quite expensive as well out here. i’ve been looking for a card reader for my camera and i found one it was 19 brunei $$$. dude, i can get that in khasa bazaar for like 200 rupees. no, i can wait to get back home.

there’s a picnic tomorrow, a dinner tonight and day after and the day after tomorrow..all with nepali families who work here.

i saw a hornbill yesterday, perched on a tree. didn’t take pictures though. next time, maybe, next time.


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