11 days, three flights down, three countries

i haven’t been slacking, i just haven’t had time to write anything in my journal, ever since i got to singapore. five days there and i was going to go crazy and my foot was swollen like hell from too much walking…too fast, too fast.

one night at melaka in malaysia and then back to kuala lumpur and then to brunei. we arrived four hours back.

from bus terminals to airports and to airports and bus terminals! i’ve flown from kathmandu to kuala lumpur, from kuala lumpur to singapore and then again kuala lumpur to miri..another city in malaysia. by bus from singapore to melaka and then melaka to kuala lumpur. i can’t remember the dates and the days and the hours and the minutes of traveling. never in my life, have i traveled like this outside of nepal. in one trip, i am visiting three countries…all of which i have never been to…and there are still two flights left in the next two weeks.

i am so ready to relax..because ironically, till now our  ‘vacation’ has been nothing but rushing around from one place to another and so on and so forth.

i will be in brunei for the next ten days and believe me, i’ve been told that there’s nothing to do out here..other than just laze around. and i am so so so ready to do just that.

updates coming up soon…in installments! so far, i’ve only seen many houses owned by Shell around here.


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