In the land of ‘lah’, ‘top up’ and ‘alight’

March 21, 3:45 pm

we arrived in the land of ‘laaaa’.

7:40 pm

we are at pasir ris in a lovely house of my sanuama’s friend. only a few hours here and i feel like life out here is on the faster lane. the escalators are faster, the travelators are faster, the elevators are faster, and so are the feet treading up and down and down and up. we went to around 3 malls today and the rain’s been coming and going…just like in KTM, the rain too chases you out here. i couldn’t find the entire range of moleskines and i couldn’t get my size of oxfords. even so, i would’ve gone crazy if i were shopping alone. i bought a dickies bag, i had one when in college – a denim one – and it lasted for four years.

March 22, 2011

forgot to mention that our flight to singapore arrived 15 mins earlier than the actual time. no wonder, i got so so so dizzy and sick on the plane. it was like probably speeding in the air, right? i mean, c’mon you can get 20 minutes early on a 14 hour flight, but 15 minutes early on a one hour flight is CRAZY. is that even allowed?

ok, second day in SG was sardine-packed with tons of events and going around:

7 am: wake up, showered…shower at night, shower in the morning…it is tooo hot out here.

9 am: out of Pasir Ris

10 am: Cedar girls school for a special visit and tour…the school where my sanu ama went to. such a cool school with so much emphasis on art and creative stuff. their music room was awesome myan..with like several macs and softwares…no kidding.

12: lunch at sim seck aunt’s home.

1:40 pm: City Hall, tour of the Singapore art museum…saw four artist’s works of the singapore biennale and several parallel shows. :-) the catalogue for the biennale was going to burn a hole in my pocket! 60$$$$ myan…i dropped the idea.

4:00 pm: mount vernon camp, special visit. no non-nepalis allowed in here and even nepali’s need special permission. this is the gorkha contingent camp.

8:00 pm:  white sands mall

9:30 pm: finally back at Jas aunt’s home.

singapore, singapura, SG….merlion!!! everything is apparently new out here. less than 10 years old. we like to change things…build and destroy. singapore is a city without memories, says yen. we went to the Singapore art museum. it was really cool and it was quite the experience.

the buildings out here are like bee hives…terribly uniform down to the last brick. that’s too literal but my point is that, the landscape or i should say getting on my nerves…little by little. i long to see the shivapuri hills now. i know, it’s celan out here and all that but i can’t stand the fast fast fast life..go, go, go..laaaaah!!!

singaporeans put ‘laaaaaah’ after every other sentence and word, like we put ‘kaaaaaaay’ after every other sentence. ani ta usle kaaay…yesto po bhanyo kaaay….ani haina hami tyaha gayau kaaay…u go to the mall laaa…u take this laaaa…i find them so funny but they must find us funny too.

the mount vernon cmap was intensely intense…so gorkha men playing in the gym, running around…all that jazz. it is huge so so huge. dude 2000 people live in there. the apartments..well as it is, SG is filled with apartments (but they usually say house, it is a high privilege to have a house with a garden) from one coast to another…like many many polka dots on a dress…so in the Camp everything has changed says sanuama…who was born and brought up there, with my mother.

the places in there have changed..rebuilt everything…there are no remains of the past. an old peeple tree is still there, though. but then there’s hardly anything that sanuama can remember now. the apartments are tall and are in groups, named after mountains…trying to maintain the nepaliness with pagoda roogs. ani pheri there is this one temple in there..with shiny golden sculptures…all hindu one u see at basantapur types. so much facilities in there, it’s crazy and so are the rules…there is light’s out, no cars allowed inside…and yet the pucche nepali boys still pee in the elevator re…hahahahahha. nepali haru ko bani ta..uff.

to TOP UP!

so ‘top up’ means to ‘recharge’ your prepaid mobile card…so your train card…but then we were at this restaurant for dinner, tonight and the bowl of soup was empty and the owner says.. ‘oh, let me top up the soup for you.’ so so so funny, laaaaahhh??? hahahhaha


‘alighting only’ read the sign at the bus stop. and then one aunt says, ‘you go there and alight at this station and then you change and then alight….’ my mind was getting all bogus, lah! (hahaha)…i had no idea what the heck she was saying until i see the station sign. ALIGHT means to get off. GOSHHH!!! someone give me a book of terms used in the city laa!!


3 thoughts on “In the land of ‘lah’, ‘top up’ and ‘alight’

  1. Myaann, I miss Singapore :(….

    Also, in a VERY related note, its not laaah, its Lah k… Like we say it here.. Yo gara lah, tyo gara lah bhanney khaale… Khassma, nepali maa tyo lah bhanne singapore baaytai aako ho… Sg ma bassney lahure ko kids when they return to nepal, they keep on saying ‘and we did this lah, and we did that lah’ and then their friends copy that.. and then it becomes a trend… or that’s my theory…

    Oh and, you GOTTA go to Clark Quay and RIver Quay in the evenings, only to stroll around and take pictures if for nothing else.. ITS AN AMAZING PLACE!!! <3

  2. myan … this piece made me laugh and made me write a comment … i used to have a roommate, she is from nepal but raised in singapore … her dad used to be some officer at GC … i think that’s what she used to call … while living with her i almost picked up “la” habit … but often used it to tease my roommate. Lucky you … u get to see more of Asia … i envy you girl … have a drink or two for all those who wants to be where you are … have a wonderful trip

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