KL to SG: awesome, powsome!!!

March 20, 6:20 pm

We just finished our tour of the BATU CAVES: Bright lights, huge statues, lots of colors and creep looking. Batu Caves is a strange place where most visitors walk in silence, while the temple’s boom box plays tamil bhajans. it is a 256 step climb up to the entrance of the cave. it is HUGE! but yeah, our Gupteshwor is no less that this. :-)

Batu means ‘stone’ in Malay and GUA is for ‘cave’. So it isn’t too different from Nepal’s Gufa. Actually there are many similar word in the two languages like ‘chutti’ is for day off. Tarikh is for date. Right now we are at Dhivya’s Cafe at Batu Caves. The tea looks so good. We are dying for some good tea ever since we got here. There’s no better tea than Kathmandu’s though. This one’s served in bowl and glass!!! The bowls tea is colder.

7:30 pm

“Awesome Powsome???”

We are watching a kid’s sining contest on TV. don’t get a single word but they’re cute and talented. i keep forgetting that i am somewhere where there’s electricity 24 hours. my camera batt shows one bar and i worry,  ‘oh, no! batti kati khera auncha?” then i remember that there’s no load shedding here. we left our room in a mess and the house keeper has cleaned everything neatly. so embarrassing..i had left my suitcase stuffed in the closet with packets of gundruk and jimbu falling out everywhere, along with wai wai.

so the host of this kid’s show said that: awesome powsome/possum? hehehe

we went to check out moleskines. price dekhera heart attack hunu lagyo. we dropped the idea to get them here. maybe in singapore. we went to the petronas towers, to the KLCC. i looked at the list of shops on the 1st floor: gucci, no, burberry, no, coach, no, jimmy choo, no, no, no no no no no…can’t afford them :-P but we didn’t have much time to shop actually.

we had to head out to Batu caves. it’s been pouring and drizzling all all all day long!!! for lunch i ate some ayam (chicken) curry and rice with cabbage and yes some more coconut water!!!’

March 21, 1:00 am

for dinner it was seafood once again. a huge bowl of tom yum soup was quite ideal. tons of prawn and squid again as well. i am stuffed. now i need to get rid of the food that’s turning into a pot belly. it rains and the rain stops in a few minutes. in the next few minutes, the street are already dry in the humid weather – like it hadn’t rained at all. the frangipani are pink and litter the streets like little starfishes.

am starting to long for dal-bhaat. i miss mula ko achar. but we have to get up early. i hardly have time to sleep. my sandals started peeling today. i have to leave them here for good. i had had it sewn in ktm but the rains of KL are unpredictable and cruel. my shoes got entirely wet and it still is damp. :-(

9:25 am

we are at the KL center, on the bust to LCCT/air asia. our flight is at 11:40 am. it’s one hour in the air to singapore. somehow am getting rashes on my elbow. i got bitten by mosquitoes yesterday. the bus schedule says 9:45 am. the guy says, no no no we leave 9:30. good. we ran off to the restroom and missed the 9:15 am. there’s no waiting around in KL time. we were a minute late and arrived to see our luggage on the pavement outside. so we are on the next.

RM 8 to get to the airport. one hour’s journey.

‘CAN, CAN’…that’s for YES YES. broken english and phrases work in this city. it’s not ‘i won’t go’ but ‘no go’. we passed by little india in the taxi. we couldn’t visit but we’ll be definitely going to singapore’s little india. i hear it is huge. most of all, am looking forward to the Singapore Biennale 3rd edition. It’s called Open House.


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