more from KL

march 19, 10:25 pm

Seafood Restoran Hokkaido!!! a whole lot of food on a big round table with a red tablecloth and 11 nepalis! squid, mussels, prawn, coconut, mango, rice, vegetables, fish..oh i can’t remember all the things we ate. i ate an entire coconut and a mango. toooo goood! and the squids and prawn was YUM.

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Went shopping to Plaza Low Yat…six floors of technology. phew, it was such a crowded and chaotic place. “Ma’am you want laptop?” asks every other voice. I just smile and ignore. They must be used to that. I finally found what I was looking for. In the entire building, they were two stores where I saw the Bamboo Fun. It is gorgeous. I can’t wait to use it when I get home.

I have yet to get a hang of the currency but I probably won’t get used to it because we’ll be flying off the other day.

Up from 21st floor, the Petronas towers look glittery and the clouds ominous at night.

March 20, 10:35 am

we had a good breakfast and it is a sunnier day. we bumped into a nepali just a few shops away from this cyber. and there is another nepali with us in the cyber. oh and we noticed nepal’s flag at the train station yesterday. “you can tell that there are a lot of nepalis in KL,” says my cousin.

on the things to buy next are Moleskine notebooks and sketch pads. and of course, more food to gobble down!

i nearly forgot to mention the Monkey Bar from last night. oh god. there were a group of 5 girls playing and singing cover pop songs…like rihana, abba and geri haliwell…it was horrible, i tell you. gosh. it was was boring and they weren’t even talented k. camouflage ko half kattu lagayera ali ali kammar hallachan…oh god. it was BYAAAAAD. and the name of their BAND (that had one good keyboardist only..who also rapped and sang) was Revive. luga pani taal na betaal ko. haude. kya tyme and money ko total waste.

taxi drivers out here are like nepal’s. they won’t go in meter…and bargaining chalcha. so so weird. there is garbage on the streets some parts. pheri bato katna pani ustai psycho. haat halayera roknu parne gadi…tara kun gadi le chahi rokcha ali kati bato khali hudai daudine kya. just like in kathmandu. tyesaile am not missing much of home yet…re kya. hahaha


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