sticks the mouse board: Musa Tasne, Jhinga Tasne…

Harmless to Mon Non Toxic

I couldn’t figure out what it meant for quite some time. then I realized that it meant: Harmless to MAN.

this is probably the silliest purchase i’ve ever made from the streets of Sundhara. i think it was 25 rupees. can’t remember. i got it a long time back. well…eheheh..recently i got those red batti balne horns too. hahaha…ani i also got tyo khelauna jun rubber ma halera udaune..ani batti balne. helicopter jasto udne. hahaha….those were gifts..kya.

i’ve never used this of course, i just bought it coz the back part is quite hilarious…and you know, i wouldn’t edit a single word..if i had to copy-edit it. hahahahahhaha.

once we had a jhinga tasne roll at our home. it use to hang from a rope in the kitchen. i was a teenager then and an over smart one. i was actually trapping flies on the windows and catching them and sticking them onto the jhinga tasne. very very cruel hai. :-P well, i learnt a lesson that day when MY FREAKING HAIR GOT STUCK ON TO THE JHINGA TASNE.

i was allll alooooneee at home and quite a chunk of my hair was stuck onto that thing and it would NOT COME OUT. i tried to pull and pull but it was hurting my roots. oh goodness…what am i going to do???? and so you know what happened. i had to cut my hair. CHOP CHOP CHOP. like a part of my hair was all like short in the side and back and the rest of it thai cut length. it was terrible, terrible, i tell you.

but for now read this and laugh.

NOTE: don’t try catching and sticking mice on one…you might get your hair stuck. they are pretty strong and sticky.


3 thoughts on “sticks the mouse board: Musa Tasne, Jhinga Tasne…

  1. Some months back…dad bring such stuff (musa tasne) in home….bt very next day, that was broken….musa tagada huncha…tasera rakhnai sakdaina…hair chain tasinchha…. :D

    Oh then u r wid, red horn…and tyo light balls…

  2. if u ever use this stuff called “musa tasne board”, u will repent later… the scenery will be so grotesque that u wish u have let the moosa move freely in your bedroom…i hate this inhumane stuff,,,

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