wahhhh…wahhhh…where is the ‘tooot’ money??? jhyang jhyang jhyang…aahhhh….wahhhhh….aaahhhhh

by the end of the movie, mera kanharu pakisake ka thiye. it was like listening to one of the intros of a Linkin Park song continuously — electric guitar ko jhyang jhyang jhyang jhyang jhyang…from beginning to end and some parts with tabla too’ — on repeat for nearly three hours. and then there were three live commentators sitting behind us: ‘yes!’, ‘chito uthna’, ‘oooo kasto ramro ankhaaa…’, ‘kasto naramri keti raicha..tyo sanga mileko jasto cha’… ‘blah blah blah’…’hahahahha’….’ehehehehe’….so on and so forth..the three girls went on and on throughout the film.

to sum up batch no. 16, i would have to nod my head nepali style, wrinkle my nose, adjust my glasses and say ‘theeeekaaaaaaaiii thiyo. khaiii????’

am not completely sure about the parts that i feel went wrong in the film and the parts that i liked. the entire flick was in the unknown territory of ‘khaaiiii…kasto kasto…ramro pani chaina, naramro pani chaina.’ i appreciate the effort of the movie to bring sth new to the audience, but the hype of the posters were way over the head. initial responses from friends weren’t too good. ‘kasto jhoooor cha…aba jau na herna afai.’ i did go, undeterred by their pessimism and discouraging reviews.

good thing that the movie was showing at Gopi hall of GK7. the other halls aren’t too comfy. gopi ko ticket katyau, 100 rupees ko, ani basyau. one bad point: the whole screen was dimmer than usual, during the entire film. it was difficult to see. you couldn’t see some scenes properly. it was just not fun at all. my eyes adjusted to the darkness, but it wasn’t good.

khaiii..aba yeti dherai paisa halera banako re tyo movie. tyeso bhaye they should have avoided some really stupid and silly and cliched scenes and mistakes and what not. tyo camera ko angle matra thik thau ma bhayera pugdaina. pheri i am not a fan of low angle shots. they make me dizzy. one reason, i didn’t like dasdhunga’s filming too much.

in the very first scene, the two APF folks are like shooting at these gundas from atop a cliff. the gundas are right down below, and they are clearly aiming their guns in the wrong angles…yet, the bullets hit the gundas. hoina k, yesko lagi ki Wanted ma jasto Angelina jolie le curve ma ghumne goli hannu paryo ki. ali kati common sense chalayera gun thik direction ma aim garnu paryo. By the way, Wanted was such a bad movie, in my opinion.

ani, tyo ‘toot’ ‘toot’ ‘tooot’  ‘tooooot’…katti choti hau. yes, we know you are swearing and yes, we also know that it is totally unnecessary to swear many times…uff, ani two unnecessary kissing scenes, where the crowd was hooting like hell. the most disgusting part is that you can see the string of ‘ryal’ a.k.a. saliva in one of the kisses. tyo pani big screen ma herda, kasto hola?

ani katti karayeko..babaaa. wahhh, aaaahhh…last ma ta guru lai ta terminator ko kahile namarne robot jasto lagira, malai ta.

ani yo, ek din ek raat ra batch no 16 le ta reporter ko image barbaadai paryo hai! so this girl, one of the actresses, is a reporter who partners up with guru, the APF gunda…all she does is swear skimpy clothes. heck, there’s no reporting to be done for ‘Everest TV’ and she carries a reel wala camera, in this digital age. k bakwas. ani pheri, she has this car ani her dialogue is like, “reporter ko salary le ghar ma maid rakhna sakidaina.” ani tyesho bhaye gadi chahi kinna sakne re. samaj le reporter lai kaam nalange sochcha ho? i kinda get that negative vibe. :-(

ani kati fight garnu pareko hola!!! too long, man. the fighting scenes and their background music were just too much. i felt like i was watching my friends play Call of Duty for like three hours in a row. well, that’s exaggeration, but still. it’s also because i am not much of a gamer myself. i stick to word games and bejeweled and jewel quest. fighting location chahi good thiyo. some sand/cement factory…quite action packed. action lovers would enjoy it more, i guess.

aviator ray ban glasses ko chahi khatra promotion bhako cha hai. ani tanna gaddi ko models haru ko. there is this jeep, tyesko number plate ma kati emphasize gareko…zoom in, zoom out, extreme close up, close up, wide shot, medium shot, hulloooowww!!!!! gadi ko owner lai publicity diyeko ho? i am so not freaking interested in the number plate..ho ki naya ‘paint’ gareko plate ho…:-P you know, since that new rule has been implemented.

i began noticing the shiny ‘digital’ number plates ever since the rule was announced. tara, sachi talkindo chahi rahecha. hahahaha..but still, our rules are sometimes so silly…sound silly.

so i found batch no 16 to be a mediocre movie…given the hype over it. i was in the micro the other day and the radio jockey was going on and on about how grand the premiere was re…at QFX central. and then he said, “hollywood, bollywood jasto red carpet thiyo…tara, tyaha red hoina ‘green carpet’ rakheko thiyo.” hahahah, brother thanks for the detailed info, hai.

and now like many other folks, i am looking forward to seeing Sick City on Friday night. EXCITEDDDD!!! and yes, it’s the same actor..arpan thapa. the other APF guy was good too, acting ko hisaab le. anup baral ko asthma laugh chahi pachena…nor his sidekick girl, nor the other ninja like fighter…khai so crazy k.

well well, i am going to stop right here.


7 thoughts on “wahhhh…wahhhh…where is the ‘tooot’ money??? jhyang jhyang jhyang…aahhhh….wahhhhh….aaahhhhh

  1. Though there are too many loop holes and errors. But I appreciate their effort. It’s better than other current Nepali films in terms of presentation, script, dialog delivery etc.

    You can see difference in promo too. They have not promoted their movie saying, ‘bungy jump chha, kissing scene chha’ Did you notice, other film maker are doing and saying so, ‘yesma helicopter baat hamfaleko chha, tesma horse riding chha, falana ma kissing scene chha blah blah blah’…

    I’ve not expected much and I’ve not think of drastic change in Nepali Movie, so it’s not a bad movie for me. It met my expectation level. Don’t expect much from Nepali Movie. They are trying to move ahead… Now I can expect bit more from the same Team of Makers in their next movie.

    And no doubt, Arapn Thapa seems to be an potential actor.

  2. definitely, better than many many other nepali movies, but it didn’t meet my expectations, since i had quite a bit.

    in the past one year, i have watched Flashback, kasley choryo mero mann, ek din ek raat, dasdhunga, Swor and now batch no 16.

    • well, i’ve watched this movie after ‘dashdhunga’ . I’ve planned to watch Swor, but I’ve not watched due to some reviews on paper. Also I was unable to watch ek din ek raat. Though I’ve not watched ek din ek raat, bt m willing to watch it soon, After reading review in some paper, I feel like, it’s quite tough to understand tht movie (?) idk…

      expect less frm Nepali Movie… bt u can expect a lot frm Murrey’s film ‘Sick City’…bt after watching promo of sickcity, i feel like…’Arpan Thapa’ fits better in BatchNo16 then SickCity. (Just a guess) ha ha

      • we shall see!!! i’ve watched a handful of nepali movies, growing up: seema rekha, balidan, basanti, prem pinda, sano sansar, darpan chaya…can’t seem to remember names now. but yeah, my ama used to take us to bishwojyoti during our vacations and make us watch at least one nepali movie.

  3. Hmmm I haven’t seen the movie. I have seen posters and got excited. Saw the trailer and was like: Should i or should i not. The dialogue delivery was poor and I knew wat would come in full movie.

    So after much contemplation and dilly-dallying we decided to love and support hollywood and ignore kollywood. Our choice wasn’t good as movie turned out to be hollow but at least we were saved of Ding Dang music of 16.

    I don’t mind sleeping in cinema but at least don’t want to wake up with scary creepy background score. :P

  4. We both have sort of same views and I thought Batch # 16 falls into the lower side of the mediocrity.

    I always have those people who talk and talk and talk throughout the movie and wouldn’t let you enjoy the movie. It annoys me way too much to just sit there and not say, “STFU, guys..” hehe

    The reporter made a mockery out of all those real ones out there. She says, “average news” to “Everest news”…haha Kina english ma bolnu hola nasaki nasaki.. :D

    ani tyo last ko “samyoganta” kiss ma chai..it was really yukkkk..there were a bunch of guys behind me who went..”chyaaaaaaa”..i couldn’t help laughing throughout. But Arpan Thapa was daami..!! Waiting for sickcity like.. totally..!! :D

  5. when i first saw the poster in naya baneshwar i thought it was a new tv series and got very excited. i’ve yet to go watch this but i have to restrain myself from strangling unwarranted commentators … so i’ve pretty much given up on “going to the movies” … also hamro BB has such a good taste for DVDs i’ve taken to borrowing his. also, i’ve heard really good stuff about ‘sick city’ but a friend said they couldn’t stomach it and had to walk out in the middle when they saw it! how much gory can one hour of thamel be? so, i’ll wait for your review on that one ; )

    also, i think this just proves nothing can or has beat hamro ‘darpan chhaya’ : D

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