yet it’s nothing out of the ordinary

my funny side has gone out the window for the past few days. i just find myself wanting to sit on my bed and do nothing. stare at the ceiling and well, do nothing…not even read.

it’s been a week since i finished reading Karnali Blues and i can’t bring myself to pick up another book. well, i was in the middle of joe sacco’s Palestine but don’t feel like continuing the graphic novel right now. it’s quite dense too.

pakku’s antics at home are still going on full throttle. he’s such a coward, i can’t emphasize enough on that. right now, he’s crouching behind my chair as i type this. something scared the hell out of him this morning when bajai and me got back home from lep lagaune.

i got my foot lep-o-fied today for the third time. the swelling is still there. and today bajai also came along and got her hand lep-o-fied too. the carpet of the lep lagaune place, i noticed, is stained till the point of no return i.e. forget Ariel, Rin, Tide, Mr Muscleman, Tiger, Puja, Diyo…..etc.

btw, pakku got hit by a motorbike the other day. since then, he’s not so enthusiastic to go out. once, i honestly am not making this up, pakku went out of the house into the tole and of all things, came back home with some lady’s bra…wagging his tail and being oh-so-proud of it. reminded me of the movie ‘marley and me’…marley is a mischievous dog too. well, thank goodness, pakku isn’t as naughty. bato ma gayera choddinthe natra bhaye. just kidding. he’s quite affectionate too. :-)

in the past five weeks that i have been kept up at home, the clothes on the streets of sundhara have changed from sweaters and woolen trousers to superman t-shirts and sandals. the books, they are still there. the last one i bought was Roald Dahl’s Matilda for Rs 100. I could have probably bargained for a better deal but was getting late. i’ve bought quite a lot of books from the streets of sundhara from nagraj comics (hehehehe….dhaiiii, dhaiiii, dhaiiii) to national geography magazines…i bring them home and then forget about them for months..until i find one under my bed or inside one of the drawers.

and so the petrol price is up once again. it’s 97 rupees per liter! and of all days, i had to take the cab three times today. ani the last dai says, “bahini meter ma chadeko bhanda bis rupiya ajhai dherai lagcha hai!” i’d already gotten in the taxi…i couldn’t get out and so i said, “tara malai ta aru le kehi bhanena..bihana due choti chadisake…”

he replies, “uniharu le ta meter chalayeko hola ni ta…meter chalaune le ajhai magdai magdaina…petrol kasto mahango bhaisakyo, k garne. jaaam ma phasyo bhanne pheri katti jancha…” i had to nod my head the nepali way (30 degrees side to side..hahaha).

garo cha. sabai lai garo cha. maybe i should get a cycle, i tell the taxi dai. he says…ho bahini, pandra hajar jati ko kinyo bhane tala mathi sabai tira kudcha kyare. afno jiu lai pani ramro ni.

i add, “ani dhulo ta pheri khanu parcha ni ta.”

he laughs, “kathmandu ma dhulo nakhaye kata khane?”

welcome to our everyday, welcome to our every other day, welcome to our every other ordinary day.

made this on december 30, 2010. this is the incomplete version. i can't find the complete one at the moment. thanks to folks of The Week for their 'quotes' :-P.


2 thoughts on “yet it’s nothing out of the ordinary

  1. Even i feel so lazy to start any books or complete that are half-way through. My life in france by Julia Child is half, Inheritance of loss is done upto quarter, Urgenko Ghoda is prolly through 40 pages…. but it doesn’t deter me from buying more…got some murakami and other books…. Coincidently last book tht i finished was also Karnali Blues.

    Not only books, same with movies. Halfway through Black Swan, Gulliver’s travels and no guts to start 127 hours, social network or anyother talked-about movies. Sigh!

    You made me realise how lazy i am :P

    • hahahahaha….eheheh..what i buy movies from khasa bazaar or china town and don’t even take them out of the covers, until weeks or months later. at least, you’re half way through some of them. katti ta maile kineko pani chaina. i keep collecting ‘history of art’ books even tho they all pretty much have the same texts and images. hahahaha…maybe i should read urgenko ghoda next.

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