i can’t remember the exact date i made this. i was bored at an event and i made the sketch then. some conference i was attending kyare.

anyways, i was planning to make t-shirts and prints..blah blah blah…with this particular ‘hya mula’..and i have been saying that for the past one year hola..and even more i think..:-P

so one day, if i do make some t-shirts or prints then, please buy one. hahahahhah…yo high resolution ma chahi am not uploading re kya. hahahahah..pheri kasle mero ‘brand’ chorne ho, kunni???


(you were supposed to say ‘hyaaa mulaaa’.)


6 thoughts on “HYAA MULAAA!

  1. Would you mind enabling rss feeds, because this page is difficult to read on my phone. Don’t mean to be a complainer, but I figure if it would help me it would probably help others as well. Thanks :)

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