am a sock-o-holic

i can’t sleep without socks.

my friend says, “it’s really bad for you.”

i reply, “you mean, you don’t want me  to sleep???”

hahahaha.  honestly, i can’t sleep without  socks and i  just have to wear a pair  when i am at  home. i don’t care what  season and  what time of the day.

sometimes, when i go out, i look at my  shoes and sandles and think, think and  think hard. hmmm…more than what  goes with my outfit, i’ll sometimes  think  to myself…’i really don’t want to  take  off my socks today.’ and so i  rather pick  my boots or sneakers.

i was at the lep thing yesterday evening for the second time. apparently, i had freaked out the son coz i cried a lot and he got nervous while he was lep-o-fied my leg. my ama had gone out for a bit and he spotted me waiting on the bench outside: “khoi…aja mummy aunu bhayena? kaslai samatne?” hahahahahha..hehehehehhe…so embarrassing…i told him that she was here. :-)

well, i’ve been the talk of the lep lagaune place ever since i bawled my eyes out, in that tiny room filled with people.

after the mom (no, this time, not the son :-P) finished with my leg, i looked at my socks that were lying next to me…i really wanted to wear them, but my foot was so big. another guy in the room was like: atcha atcha…lagaye huncha. hahahahha. and so i put them on and yes, they looked so funny on my legs, esp coz of the pattern of the socks – one wrapped up in a bandage and the other one…just my normal leg. j aunt, who was with us, took a picture of my socks. another woman commented: hahahhahaha….hatti pailey bhako jasto dekhiracha….

and so this morning, after sweeping the house, i sat down to draw. i tried to pick colors that matched the closest to my socks and blanket. i bought the socks at purano bhat bhateni.

i keep thinking of a text one of my mbbs friends sent me, few weeks back. she’d offered to bring me a crutch so that it would be easier for me to walk around at home. i declined the offer then. later, since my leg wasn’t healing, i texted her: i think i need that crutch. this isn’t getting any better.

she writes back to me: Ani rest pani  gar, ankle should be above the level of heart.

those were her exact words….see, i saved the text. since then, i’ve been observing myself when i sit and sleep. yes, yes…ANKLE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LEVEL OF HEART hahhaha. her suggestion was so hilarious because it sounded like something taken out of our environmental, science and population book in Class 9 and 10. you know…the questions we got were like…write down the symptoms of common cold…list the solutions of common cold…

i wanted to make a sketch, but the idea fizzled out as days passed by.


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