bajai ko haat

our bajai’s hands are filled with wrinkles and are coarse from working in the village. her finger tips are permanently crooked and yet she won’t stop working. she becomes restless if she’s doing nothing. even though she cannot read and write, bajai has learnt to write her name. i made this sketch yesterday afternoon after she was done washing her hair, which now shines black with godrej hair dye.


3 thoughts on “bajai ko haat

  1. Reminded me of an assignment I had written some years ago
    an extract:
    “……I would sit right behind and watch her work, those wrinkled hands working their magic on a simple piece of cloth. From time to time, my eyes would shift from her hand to her face, her unflinching deep eyes had a different charm of their own and sometimes I would wonder how it would feel to have eyes like hers. A few times she’d caught me staring at her….”

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