march is here.

i can’t believe that i got more hits in the month of february alone, than i did in the entire year of 2010…hahahaha…pakku is sitting near by and he is barking in his sleep. hahahahahhahahahahahahhaha. such a coward. ahile ta we found out guitar jhyang jhyang garyo bhane pani tyo tarsincha. hahahaha. good strategy to get him out of my room.

anyways, in the whole of 2010 my blog got 2,274 hits. and in February 2011 i got 2,880 hits. WHOAAAA! i am so so surprised, but of course, it’s a nice surprise. thank u all for reading if not visiting my home page :-).

when i started blogging, i wasn’t sure what to write at all and all i did was post pictures. i guess i was doing all the writing at work. and then writing for work alone wasn’t satisfying. there were other things i wanted write about..which wouldn’t go under the chopping block of the editors or need approvals. and so here i am, this is me, there’s no where else in the world i’d rather be…hehehe

it’s not like i do nothing at home you know, even though my leg doesn’t allow me to go out. i am seriously starting a new series of works. i have been writing for a year and a half on art exhibitions and i feel incomplete for being unable to create works of my own. i collect things , without even knowing why i collect them…for instance recharge cards…the last time i counted them, some months backs, i had spent some 6000 rupees on recharge cards!!! that’s a lot of money, man. and then i started collecting envelopes.

here is something else i made some time back.

i enjoy needle work and sometimes, i scribble a line or two. i made this after several attempts of trying to find what actually made sense and worked the best. art is a constant exploration and sometimes, i think it’s best to start at a point where you aren’t really sure of where you are heading. well, honestly i think i know, and then i realize that i actually don’t know, which then leads me to a stage of disillusionment. but it’s important to keep going because then i’ll surely reach a point of ‘ah, yes…this is it!’ and that’s when i realize that it was important that i didn’t know.

and so far, i’ve only made sense out of this one. there are other lines that i would like to turn into works of art.

i enjoy needle work and have been doing ever since i was 10 years old, i think. the tactility, details and the sheer labor of needle work draws me towards it…but sometimes, i do get tired in the middle and wonder to myself, ‘why did i even start this?’ the result, however, is always satisfying.

this one is on the inside of a torn nepali envelope. and i used our old typewriter. initially, i had made a collage with cut out letters and it looked messy. i am thinking of adapting this and others i make, into screen prints. this summer, i am really determined to screen print and develop a body of works.

just waiting for this leg to heal….


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