one day in the life of pakku

i have been trying to make up for lost sleep all day long, coz i hate this feeling–drowsy eyes, headache..uff…but then i decided to give up at 3 pm. (hehehe…) i tried sleeping after tea in the morning, then after lunch…i couldn’t fall asleep. i decided to make a comic of why i couldn’t sleep last night. thanks to pakku – the whiner. we’ve realized that he is a very whiny dog and is really scared of loud noises.

the other night, he was jumping on my ama and the cycle fell on him with a huge bang…he was so shocked..he just went back to his bed and kept quiet all night.

then, yesterday the people who are doing the construction outside moved this jasta pata…there was a loud noise. pakku got so scared…he came running to the living room and hid under the sofa. he wouldn’t get out.

as per the orders of nagarpalika, our wall is being moved to give space for public road…guess what, this is…the freaking third time, i think, that they’ve made us do that. we also had to cut down all the trees once. i was so sad. ahile pani they moved a lot of plants.

and then, the people from nagarpalika come around in the afternoon and yell at the construction people.

that man was saying: kasto rahecha…kina phone nagari suru gareko?? tyo naya itta nachalaunu bhaneko hoina? purano itta chalaunu parcha ni uniharu ko nai.

the construction guy was pissed: tapai haru ek ek gari aunu huncha and galli garnu huncha….euta le k bhancha, arko le k bhancha…

and i was just sitting in the balcony and listening to them. they have already used our purano itta for the walls. the nagarpalika is responsible for providing new bricks to replace the broken ones…they hammered down the wall, how do they expect all the ittas to be okay? phooofff..

but for now, enjoy the comic. i decided that this is the first DRAFT hahaha…think i’ll invest some more energy into making a fair copy. this one is sort of rough..:-P


2 thoughts on “one day in the life of pakku

  1. lol…. thats nothing. I have 4 “pakkus” in my house. 1 is as old as “Bryan Adams” himself..hehe. 1 I got from my ex-gf ko didi. 1 I rescued because he looked like a lab(turns out he is “bhusya” hehe) and 1 my dad rescued. So, its like hum 4.. hamarey 4 in the house… :D heheh

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