ligament blues

this, of course, didn’t happen for real. i cooked it up while  waiting for the lights to come back…last night. and  made  the sketch while i was waiting for the lights to come  back,  tonight. :-P

i feel so productive, ki k bhanne. hahahaha

i am bad, very bad, with photoshop. i recently learnt how  to bring two images together in one file…but let me not  boast about it.

right now, am just scared to go to the doctor because he  yelled at me the last time…i.e. a week ago. with my  determination to go to the concert, anyhow, i have been  left with a further swollen ankle.

and to add to that, a friend visited me today and she  said…oh yes, i sprained mine and tore my ligament  too…that was few months back and it’s STILL swollen.

good grief…at least she brought me tons of junk food and  we gobbled them up (well, she ate most of it :-P) while we  watched ‘aisha’, since there was batti.

i concluded that the movie is only good to look at the  clothes  and that next time, she should bring me fruits  instead of junk  food.


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