in one word, bryan adams live was: DAMMI!!!

on second thoughts, i need to add another word: BABAAAAAL!!!! and another word: KHATRRAAA!

the feeling of being one among the thousands and being one with thousands, as we all sang along, at the dasrath rangasala last night, hasn’t really sunken in yet. it is hard to describe it. the moon is up and the stars are bright…and the full moon was surely hanging beautifully in the sky and the orion’s belt was perfectly poised above our heads. but we were no less than the the stars in the sky, with our glittering and glowing cell phones! :-) at least, we put our cell phones into good use last night. and since there was no TOWER, no one was talking loudly on the phone, either.

kasto thiyo ta, bryan adams?????

it was amazing and i am so glad was a part of it. it was like a dream. and yes, i am so so so happy for brinda singh who got to sing with bryan adams. she made it so much fun. and it was as much as  thrilling to watch her sing the duet, as it was for her singing with him. congratulations to you, the banker who can ROCK from baneshwor. girl, you did us proud and you’re really lucky.

well, as it is bryan adams was superb, but i think that a lot of credit also goes to the audience who made the show a great success. there were over 18,000 people in there and it was disciplined, safe and really fun.

no doubt, Summer of 69 was the biggest hit of the night and will always remain so. all u could hear for the next few minutes was ONCE MORE!!! ONCE MORE!!! i can’t emphasize how amazing it was, over and over again. :-)

i couldn’t have afforded to pay 6000 and the view from 3000 wasn’t worth the extra 1000 to me. so i was with the majority on the cemented steps. the steps had been warmed up by the afternoon sun and as it got chilly in the evening, we were anxious for bryan adams to come on stage. there were many false alarms too. hahahaha…later, the wind didn’t matter. we were warmed up by the awesome songs.

nepali bands..uff..raju lama was the only one who deserved claps. i didn’t like namaste band nor robin and the new revolution, who were trying to promote their new song from their new album. no one had heard it, so the crowd was just bored. i was bored. namaste band lai ta tanna ‘BOOO’ pani gariyo, thumbs down didai. aba hami stage bata tadai thiyau, so k bhanne…dekhena hola jaha samma lagcha, because they sang three horrible numbers…and that was the opening act.

there was a guy with a pair of binoculars too! hahaha!

well, on the other hand, i wanted to say something about Nepali keti’s recent post on ‘Bryan who?”

i was very shocked yesterday morning to read what you had to say. and i was deeply offended by your post, which was published in republica, as well. it was not at all funny, while you were trying to make it sound light.

you had commented on my earlier post, when i had gotten the ticket, with the following: i feel like going bc heck this is the first, dareisayit, WHITE OH SO PHEMUSSS star, and then i think of everyone who’ll be there just to say they were there and then i decide i’d rather not be around that kind of people since that’s what most of kathmandu is made up of and then i can’t decide.

and then i read your later post…

i didn’t go to the concert because bryan adams is the first internationally famous  ‘white man’ to perform, but because i love his music and for many of us who went, we grew up in kathmandu listening to him like CRAZY and that’ s why we were there.

i didn’t go to just claim that ‘oh, i was there’….i went because i wanted to be there. back to you was one of the first songs i learnt to play in the guitar as a teenager. one of my classmates sang his songs by the camp fire during our educational tour in class 8 and i’ll always remember that.

bryan adams songs have built memories for me. and i am sure, i am not alone when i say this because i was a part of a crowd of thousands (that had a mixed age group) who all knew the songs he sang last night…i know many of his songs by heart. no one was just standing in the crowd and getting bored. and yes, the lights were really cool as well.

say for example, if janis joplin (if she were alive) were to come to Kathmandu (and she does mention kathmandu in one of her songs), i would even pay 6000 to see her perform…because she’s a legend..the same goes for bob marley!…i don’t care about the color of their skins. i can’t afford to spend so much money eating out in thamel tho and if those who can do it, then let them do so…

there are many other things i don’t agree on. but i wouldn’t mock you for listening to and being a fan of backstreet boys and in the same way, you shouldn’t mock people for being a bryan adams fans, because you aren’t one and because you can’t relate to the craze in the same way. neither can i relate to people who are fans of sepeltura, children of bodom or Jay-z, but that’s their choice and i respect it.

to me, you were only right in saying that: People don’t usually go to concerts because the performer is phoren or because they’re famous. You go to concerts because you love their music.

i love his music and people who were there to witness the event, love his music too.


28 thoughts on “in one word, bryan adams live was: DAMMI!!!

  1. any way I would have paid 6000 to be in front row to sing along with him. yeah u are right we grew up listening to him. and he rocked Kathmandu, i could enjoy few songs live staying abroad thanx to Internet, Iphone and Skype :) and my frens who gave me that opportunity to be part of the concert

  2. Its very good to know that so many people had such a brilliant time and I only know like 3 tracks from him but if I was in the city I would surely go just to say ”i went there”, theres nothing wrong with people like that. I remember going to an Axis Band concert in Pokhara once and I had no idea who they were but after that concert I became a huge fan, like myself I hope there were people in the crowd who went there for the experience and atmosphere and returned home as fans of Bryan Adams.

  3. I definitely want to see Nepali Keti’s comment regarding this topic. I am fan of both of yours blog. And I would have gone to that cause its a revolution in the history of Nepali music. And about Janis her song is “Cry Baby” “Honey the roads were even end in Kathmandu.” I would have given 60000 for Janis’s concert. And Yeah Music is all about hope love peace faith and so lets all say that give peace a chance

    • well khoju, i think i’m going to disappoint you … people go to concerts if they love the music so if kgb went bc she did, then good for her. i’m not sure why it matters what i think of BA and his coming to nepal. i write on my personal blog and the public domain republica publishes it. if people disagree with me then fine. i’m actually open to the idea of people having different opinions. i expressed mine. and she did hers =D

      • actually, i am not disappointed at all, actually, in Nepal. most of the teenagers start listening to western music with summer of 69, hotel california, buffalo soldiers, and stuff, and i am proud to say that i am one. and i agree its all about genres that you specify, I would never go to a concert if akon or 50 cent or any lattu hipop will come in Nepal to perform, well actually i agree on both of your side, and I definitely am happy to see you guy’s point of view on BA.

      • Don’t know if you’ve seen this one:

        a lot of the resentment towards you’re latest post, i think, comes from the fact that your identity as a blogger is ‘nepaliketi’. i know that you are a unique individual with your own thoughts and experiences. however, your identity also has this expectation from people and readers, i guess…one expects that you would represent the thoughts of the average nepaliketi, which of course is not necessarily true, all the time.

        with the bryan who? post…an average nepali keti or keta:
        1) who has access to/and read your blog/republica
        2) was schooled and grew up in kathmandu, pokhara or dharan (can’t vouch for other cities in nepal)
        3) did or didn’t go to the concert
        grew up listening to bryan adams. The wave magazine songbooks have bryan adams lyric many many times in the last decade and in the late 90s. these songbooks, then, really showed what the youth were listening to. Well, one doesn’t really need evidence to show the popularity of adams, since the concert had some 18,000 attendees.

        Therefore, the average bryan adams listening nepaliketi/keta don’t get your take on bryan adams and you don’t get theirs, which leads to the questioning of the credibility of you being a ‘nepali’ or not at all, as one blogger has written.

        i don’t question your nepaliness of course, because i know you more than just that one post and we are all different individuals…but i would have appreciated i guess, if you had tried to learn why people were giving adams such a big hype, if you didn’t know why (besides, that you yourself didn’t care much about it).…perhaps, you should have tried to learn someone else’s perspective, because what you wrote sounded insensitive, rude and like I said, I didn’t find it funny at all.

        And you were asking, why I was offended. i was offended and disappointed because no one was making it about a famous ‘white’ guy, except for you. and since you put the word in brackets and in italics, in my blog, it made it even more conspicuous..your very first reasoning of whether to go or not to go, that I have mentioned above about the ‘WHITE OH SO PHEMUSSS star’, as you put in, was so ridiculous after I read ‘bryan who’. While you yourself was mulling to go or not to go, you decided that you wouldn’t go, I guess, and then wrote the other post about how silly the entire thing is. What if you had decided to go? Would you have written the same things that you’d written?

        Your personal opinions do matter because you have published them in a public domain. It’s like writing an op-ed article, right? You will get reactions that may or may not agree with you…which means that your personal opinion does matter …or else, why would people react? Why would I react?

        Think about ‘Please bring Inception to Jai Nepal’ and the hype over it, although limited and centralized. I had no problem with it, but what if someone had written Inception WHAT?

        (hahahaha..i think this will be the last time i write about this all…i like how much people have taken the time to write and react to your post, it’s really interesting…)

  4. Finally an entry from someone who was actually there at the concert! Felt so good reading your experience and equally jealous. I can relate to everything you’ve written here. Your thoughts about what the so-called ‘Nepali keti’ had to say of it are my exact sentiments too. In one word this blog entry was dammmmiii :) Keep writing.

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  6. it’s your bday? happy birthday!

    also, i can’t reply back to your last comment directly but i’m also so sick of even just approving comments on my blog …. so i’m sending them over to you as an example of how they could disagree/express their frustration. YAY!!! (??)

    if i’d decided to go i’d have gone so just to be “part of history” but then i realized i didn’t want to need BA to write history for “my” nepal. did you read that article somewhere about how his performing in nepal meant sth like how nepal had been welcomed to the advanced world or sth??

    aside from that i’m not the only person to not think he’s that big a deal and deserved all that hype so it just goes to show there are people who love and people who don’t. which only seems obvious.

    i didn’t realize he had such ardent (and violent!) fans, but they are welcome to express their frustration regarding my blogging. whether republica publishes them or not i’m still writing as nepaliketi for my personal blog. for all the pages and the hype created for him why one girl couldn’t say what they feel would be odd.

    in any case you’ve got your sketching and i’ve got to get work done before batti goes in 20mins. i’m sure i didn’t address each point you’ve raised, but i’m sure i’ll see you around and if both of us desperate to continue our convo on this canadian then i’m sure we can find it in ourselves to write a book together or sth.

    as for me not being “nepali” and/or “keti” – one guy was convinced i was avash karmacharya not too long ago. and my “nepali”-ness has been challenged for ages, and isn’t it obvious i am a lone blogger who is not representative of each and every nepali female? so if they want to challenge that as another nepali and/or female then that’s cool too.

    get better and your loadshedding/ligament cartoon is hilarious – which reminds me S was out of town and just spoke to him and when i said you were offended by my blog and were a hard core fan to go to the concert with your ligament torn and he said “she tore her what?” and then said he hopes you get better soon. so get better soon from his side pani.

    okay, now i am really not commenting on anything to do with this post.

    and, happy bday again.


  7. id like to share a few..if you care. for some unfathomable reason…nepaliketi has imposed censorship over my comment on her…cant believe she did it. hope she couldnt handle my comment judiciously…it actually wasnt that raw as initially thought.

    so allow me to proceed….@nepaliketi

    Hahah you must be cryin your eye balls out of now..bangin your head against the bidet. how does that feel ?? Im sure you freezin on a remorse stretch for bein dumb enough to post a write-up that was against the sentiments of many who considered themselves to be adams fan. You knew this was comin…didn’t you ?? im glad it ultimately backfired..and im waitin for the moment…when you would issue a contrite apology to the mass.
    Now..Picture this in a careful manner…pause a second and wonder….do the many were in favor of your thoughts and how many actually worked against it?? Take a minute to find out the discrepancy in between the two. No surprise…its disturbing !! aint that fun ??

  8. all i know is that it was a blissful experience for me … and i m pretty sure the rest of the 18,000 attendees wudnt disagree with me :) and it was more fun since i knew most of the songs by heart :D the sound of the night, the performance, the lights, the fans singing along, the glowing cellfones, the moon, the whole atmosphere!! — like u said — DAMMI!!!

    Everything you said about the concert.. well, you just spoke my heart out :) (except for the fact that i was 3k ticket wala and dint hav to sit on the cemented top) Great post!

  9. @ kanchan – but, i’ll gchat you who it was. first i was concerned bc i was like woah is this really a spat bc neither of us got nasty. and then i was like were we nasty? but i skimmed over both ours and i think we were just telling each other what we thought/felt so i think a spat is yet to happen.

    p.s. enjoy pacifying nepaliketi. he’s cracking me and my buddies up. and i’ve spammed all like four or five of his comments! hahaha

  10. Just giving my two cent of thoughts, not hoping to harm anyone’s feeling. If it did, apologies in advance. But i am allowed to share my points, don’t i?

    I didn’t go to concert (despite getting free Gold Pass, no i am not lying!) and later i felt, why i didn’t as hearing to stories did made my temptations curse my decision. Its not because i don’t know BA or hate him or blah blah reason. I grew up listening to his songs and still i remember most of the songs. It must have been a wonderful experience there and most of my friends have either emailed me or sent me videos or talked their heart out: making me ache for some solitude (as i got tired of listening to it).

    Why i didn’t go? The simple reason was:
    a. He should have come here a decade back, not now as i have passed that fan-age.
    b. I disagreed with the way whole campaign was promoted (for many idiots like me: many times principles come first denying the pleasure :D) : In my view, The visit of BA would hardly contribute to Tourism. If his visit would promote tourism then visit of Ban Ki Moon few years should have brought more tourists at home since that made more headliners across globe giving strong signal that Nepal is safe as even UN chief makes visit (and no 5000 Police out of their strength of 51000 were not needed to be deployed to make security for him. UN Chief even visited lumbini and mentioned to the world of Buddha’s teaching). And sad but true: BA’s concert made little wave in those countries from where we expect tourists usually come. Or at least he could have shouted: Go and visit Nepal. Only Local noises were too much apparently. So how this is going to promote tourism in Nepal? Hopefully someone would give me strong dose of answer making me agree with the view.
    This whole affair was used to promote and publicize alcohol in such a way: we have to wonder whether this is right or wrong. This event became platform for alcohol companies to make their agenda and sell which would surely not help national economy. (probably it did help newspapers to be afloat in market though or some could argue, government managed to raise more tax out of their increased sale. But we all know how it might affect an individual or home or society and hope i don’t have to explain here.)
    Another point that made me disappointed was: BA came, he played. He earned and helped everyone associated earned but aren’t we aware about social corporate responsibility? What difference could it have made if a 100 rs was added to the ticket value and allocated it for some education school in Jumla or toilets for female students in some schools or support for children with disability or any other noble cause? If such a big event is not used for noble cause then how do we aware people about our roles and responsibilities? Even BA is associated with many charities i guess.
    c. The stadium was used (and no we dont have other venue sigh) but Nepali football team is preparing for AFC challenge’s cup. And they had barely managed to grow some ghasphus there so that it becomes easier for them to practice. The new coach was lamenting how lack of quality ground makes it difficult for players practice and lack of practice means low quality game = losing. I know carpet was used re, but still wouldn’t it affect the ground? I know National Sports Council should think about it but as an ardent football fan, I want my team to perform better (many would say they will lose anyway, so why to bother).

    I am quiet happy, he came, He played, made everyone happy and went. But if, only if, the organizers and all the parties concerned have given a little food for thought, this whole event could have generated different buzz. And surely without any much thought: i would have been there shouting and spoiling my vocal cord (if it has any role in there).
    My absence didnt make any difference, My presence wouldnt have made difference as well. Probably i would have enjoyed more…. but…but…

    Yes, i am posting this to Nepaliketi as well :)

    P.S. Take care and get well soon… and i love reading you :)

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